Sedgley Parish Registers for 1601

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Bur. Joone Freseson, spicer of Colseley, Apr. 2nd.
Bur. Elinor, d. Thomas Aston of Ettingsall, laborer, Apr. 3rd.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. James Smith, carpenter, Apr. 12th.
Bur. Steane Eyton, lyme maker, Apr. 13th.
  Richard Browne, Vicar.
  Richard Gibbins Ch. W.
  Thomas Eddeson Ch. W.
Mar. Thrustans Tornor, s. Richard Tornor, Colliar and Elizabeth More, servant to wydow Downing, Apr. 20th
Bur. The d. Willia Fulwood, naylor, never christened, Apr. 27th
Bur. Johanne ApRobarts of Gospelend, wydow, May 5th
Mar. William, s. Edward Pershouse of Pershouse hall, yoman, and Mary, d. Agnes Parkes of Colsey, wydow, May 12th
Bur. Randle Smith, yonge man, naylor, May 20th
Bur. Richard, s. John Hickmans of Guarnall, yoma, May 22nd
Mar. John, s. Roger Tornor and Judith, d. Richard Jevyn, both yeoman of the pish. of Sedgeley, May 25th
Chr. Katherin, d. John Mintredge, naylor, June 4th
Chr. Mary, d. John Wockesley, laborer, June 5th
Chr. Anne, d. John Fellow of Colseley, laborer, June 5th
Bur. Anne, d. Willia Lane, laborer, June 11th
Bur. Thomas Mason, laborer, June 15th
Bur. Thomas Whiston, laborer, householder. June 23rd
Chr. Richard, s. Oliver Hodgetts of Guarnall, yoma, July 5th
Bur. Elizabeth, w. Willia Dustarfild, laborer, July 18th
Bur. The s. Roger Hickmans, yoma, never christened July 25th
Mar. John Smith of Tresle, and Isbell Parshouse, d. John Parshouse of Ettingsall, yoma, July 27th
Chr. Mary, d. John Pereson, yoma, Sept. 19th
Bur. Elizabeth, w. Richard Holmer, naylor, Sept. 20th
Chr. Thomas, s. John Hill, naylor, Sept. 27th
Chr. John, s. Robart Mooseley, naylor, Sept. 29th
Chr. Ann, d. John Crosse of Colseley, yoma, Oct. 4th
Chr. Ellen, d. Richard Jevyn of Brereley, jn., Oct. 9th
Bur. Oliver Smith, laborer, Oct. 9th
Chr. Edward, s. John Hardwick of Brereley, yoma, Oct. 22nd
Mar. Thomas Whithouse, s. Richard Whithouse of Colseley and Elinor Fellow, d. John Fellow of Woodsetton, Nov. 3rd
Bur. Ellin, d. Richard Jevyn of Brereley in (Junr.), Nov. 8th
Bur. Eme Norris of Guarnall, wydow, Nov. 18th
  Richarde Browne, Vicar
  Thomas Hickmans }
  Thomas Gibbins } Ch. W.
Chr. John, s. John Jukes of Guar., yoma, Nov. 28th
Chr. Katherin, d. Richard Feryde, naylor, Dec. 6th
Chr. Prissilla, d. Richard Jevyn of Guar., yoma, Dec. 12th
Bur. Johan, w. Anthony Atkes, laborer, Dec. 14th
Mar. Edmund Parker, widower and Margarett, daughter of Eme Holmer, wydow, the 16th day by licence.
Chr. Thomas, s. Francis Gibbins, of the towne. yoma, Dec. 17th
Bur. Elnor, w. John Joukes of Guar.,yoma, Jan. 5th
Bur. Richard Wock, blacksmith, Jan. 13th
Mar. Roger Mooseley, branner and Margarett Birche, servante to Mr. John Dudley Esquier, Jan 18th.
Chr. Margarett. d. Richard Pitt, naylor, Jan. 23rd
Bur. Thomas Briscow of Cotwalend, laborer, Jan. 27th
Mar. Phillip Cox, naylor and Elizabeth Persehouse, both of Sedgeley pish, Jan. 30th
Mar. Henry Wall, naylor and Jane Fulwood, both of Sedgeley pish, Jan. 30th
Chr. Margarett, d. John Smithyman, locker, Feb. 7th
Chr. John, s. Thomas Parshouse of the towne, yoman, Feb. 14th
Chr. Anne, d. Thrustan Tounor, colliar, Feb. 14th
Bur. Katherin, d. Richard Feryde, naylor, Feb. 15th
Bur. Edward, s. John Tymings, Colseley, lockster, Feb. 18th
Chr. Anne, d. Thomas Hipkis, Guarnall, naylor, Mar. 4th
Chr. Dorethy, d. Richard Fulwood, yoma, Mar. 7th
Bur. Richard, s. Oliver Hodgetts, Guarnall, yoma, Mar. 8th
Chr. Richard, s. Humfery Stookes, laborer, Mar. 12th
Bur. Anne, d. Thrustan Tornor, collier, Mar. 19th


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