Sedgley Parish Registers for 1600

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Mar. Thomas Hardwick and Cicely Whorwood, Apr.
Mar. Edward Wilks and Anne Robinson, Apr. 6th.
Bur. Margarett Latimer of Guar. wydow, Apr. 8th.

Richard Browne, Vicar.
Richard Crosse Ch. W.
John Bradley Ch. W.

Bur. Thomas Jevyn, baker, Apr. 19th.
Bur. The daughter of Richard Fellow of Woodsetton, hamberman, never christened, Apr. 25th.
Mar. Edward Parshous, stringer and Anne Crosse, daughter of Richard Crosse of Colesley, Apr. 26th.
Chr. Anne, d. William Lowe and Isabell Fellow begotten and borne in fornication, Apr. 28th.
Chr. Thomas, s. Oliver Smith, laborer, May 4th.
Bur. Anne, w. Richard Griffith, laborer, May 5th.
Chr. Edward, s. Phillip Eaton, May 7th.
Chr. Anne, d. Oliver Pearson, naylor, May 8th.
Bur. Isbell Tornor, servant to Rich. Whithouse, yom., May 9th.
Chr. Anthony, s. Edward Wilkes of Brereley, naylor, May 13th.
Chr. Oliver, s. Richard Gest of Guarnall, naylor, May 15th.
Bur. Johanne, d. John Deenes, taylor, May 21st.
Bur. Oliver, s. Richard Gest of Guar, naylor, May 22nd.
Bur. Robart, s. Thomas Bullock, laborer, June 3rd.
Bur. The d. Edward Parsehous, stringer, never christened, June 6th.
Chr. Thomas, s. Thomas Holmer, naylor and Margery Hickmans, wydow, begotten and borne in fornication, June 11th.
Bur. Francis, d. William Tornor of Guar. naylor, June 12th.
Mar. John Whiston, laborer and Margery Hindley, d. of Richard Hindley, naylor, June 15th.
Bur. Christia Kelsey, wydow, June 15th.
Chr. Thomas, s. Thomas Granger, naylor, June 17th.
Bur. Thomas, s. Thomas Holmer, naylor and Margery Hickmans, wydow, begotten in fornication, June 21st.
Bur. Richard Tymings of Cotwallend, laborer, June 21st.
Bur. Margery Tymings, wydow, June 28th.
Bur. Willia, s. Richard Bradley of the Wood, June 28th.
Bur. Margery, w. John Mintridge, naylor, July 7th.
Chr. Isbell, d. Richard Jevyn of Brereley, blacksmith, July 13th.
Mar. Richard Griffith, laborer and Elizabeth Mathew, wydow, July 20th.
Bur. Isaac Marson, laborer, July 21st.
Bur. John Ellow, of Etingsall, yom., July 22nd.
Bur. Francis Marsh of Wolverhampton, shomaker slayne in Sedgeley field as he came from Dudley faire, July 26th.
Chr. Edward, s. Thomas Morris, yom., Aug. 10th.
Chr. Thomas, s. Thomas Smith, stringer, Aug. 17th.
Bur. Mary, d. James Smith, carpenter, Aug. 21st.
Bur. Richard Jevyn of Colseley, yoman, Aug. 26th.
Mar. Willia Burrowes and Alce Feryde, servants, Aug. 31st.

Richard Browne, Vicar.
Richard Gibbins Ch. W.
Thomas Edson Ch. W.

Chr. Anne, d. John Wright, wever, Sept. 12th.
Chr. Anne, d. Willia Burrows, laborer, Sept 12th.
Bur. Isbell, d. Richard Jevyn, of Brereley, blacksmith, Sept. 17th.
Bur. Katherin, w. Edward Parker, laborer, Sept. 21st.
Bur. Ann, d. William Burrows, laborer, Sept. 21st.
Chr. Jane, d. Richard Gefferes, Sept. 26th.
Chr. John, s. Thomas Latimer, laborer, Sept. 29th.
Mar. John Mintredge of Cotwalend, in the pish. of Sedgeley, naylor and Margarett Clarke of Brewood, sincer, Oct. 9th.
Chr. John, s. Elizabeth Gardner, wydow and Richard Downing, naylor, singlima, begotten in fornication, Oct. 19th.
Bur. The d. John Pearson, never christened, Oct. 30th.
Bur. The d. of John Shurt, naylor, Nov. 5th.
Bur. John Amflett, wever of Cotwalend, Nov. 10th.
Mar. John Wockley and Katherin Moosely servants unto Richard Jevyn of the Hall, Nov. 23rd.
Chr. Isbell, d. John Robinson, laborer, Nov. 23rd.
Chr. John, s. John Undrell of guarnell, laborer, Dec. 4th.
Chr. Ellin, d. Richard Hartill, naylor, Dec. 7th.
Chr. Willia, s. Clement Hammons, laborer, Dec. 25th.
Chr. Margery, d. John Hindley, naylor, Dec. 28th.
Chr. Willia, s. John Marsh of Gospelend, naylor, Jan. 1st.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Edward Wilks, of Etingsall, naylor, Jan. 7th.
Chr. Jone, d. Thomas Gibbins of the towne, naylor, Jan. 14th.
Chr. Thomas, s. James Naylor, of Colseley, naylor, Jan. 18th.
Chr. Edward, s. John Timings, locksmith, Jan. 25th.
Chr. Barbara, d. Henry Payton, taylor, Jan. 25th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. John Parkes, naylor, Jan. 28th.
Bur. Thomas Daniell of Etingsall, laborer, Jan. 30th.
Bur. The son of John Wookley, of Woodsetton, laborer, never christened, Feb. 26th.
Bur. Margery, d. Richard Fellow of Woodsetton, Mar. 7th.
Chr. Richard, s. Thomas Baker of Etingsall, laborer, Mar. 13th.
Chr. John, s. John Mooseley of Cotwalend, naylor, Mar. 16th.


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