Sedgley Parish Registers for 1599

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Chr. Richard, s. John Bridgin, laborer, Mar.25th.
Bur. Ellnor Cook of Barrett fields, wydow, Apr.,7th.
Chr. Elnor, d. John Hardwick of Brereley, yo., Apr.14th.
Chr. John, s. John Hickmans of Sarnell, nay., Apr.21st.
Chr. Richard, s. Richard Hickmans, lab., Apr.25th.
Chr. Richard, s. Kelham Gardener, grubber, May 1st.
Bur. The son of Robert Clemson, bran. Never christened, May 3rd.
Chr. Thrustans, s. Oliver Pearson, Naylor,May14th.
Chr. Margarett, d. John Parker, Naylor, May 15th.
Chr. Elnor, d. Thomas Aston, lab., May 20th.
Bur. Elizabeth, d. Thomas Joukes, yom., May 24th.
Mar. Willia Willets of Rowley, yom., and Anne Tornot of Sedgley, wydow [ nee Holmer, F.A.H.] June 11th.
Bur. Thrustans, s. Oliver Pearson, Naylor, June 14th.
Chr. Johan, d. William Smallman, nay., June 24th.
Chr. William, s. William Peareson, Naylor, July 8th.
Bur. William Greneway, grubber, july 14th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. John Undrell, husbandman, July 16th.
Bur. Thomas Dowing, stringer, householder, July 17th.
Chr. Richard, s. Richard Heeley, branner, July 21st. Chr. Elnor, d. Robart Greneway, Naylor, July 22nd.
Bur. Thomas Waynewright of Brereley, yoman, July 28th.
Chr. Thomas, s. Thomas Hickmans of the Towne, nay., Aug.3rd.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. John Moreland, Naylor, Aug.20th.
Bur. Thomas Whithouse of Brereley, yom., Aug.20th.
Mar. John Marsh , Naylor and Elnor Fellow, wydow, both of the pish. Aug. 25th.
Mar. Richard Jevyn, blacksmith and Elizabeth Stock, wydow bo of the pish of Sedgley, Aug.27th.
Chr. Richard, s. Edward Ferede, Naylor, Aug.27th.
Bur. John, s. Edward Hall, gent, Aug. 29th.
Bur. Elizabeth, d. Willis Crosse, deceased, Sept. 4th.
Bur. John Astley, yoma, Sept. 6th.

Richard Browne, Vicar.
Richard Crosse Ch. W.
John Bradley Ch. W.

Edward Fereday fil. Richarde Fereday, naylor, fuit sepaltus decimo octavo die Septem anno predict.

Elenora Juxe fil. Johnis Juxe, blacksmyth, Baptizata fuit Tricesimo die Septem, predict ani prec.

Thomas Fereday fil. Richardi Feredy, Naylor, fuit sepultus primo die Octobr pred. anno predict.

Hic sepultus est Thomas Joukes, yom. {Hic sepultus means "here lies buried"}

Chr. Willis, s. John Marsh of over Gua. naylor, Oct. 22nd.
Chr. Katherin, d. John Padley, naylor, Oct. 26th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Henry Whithouse, naylor, Oct. 28th.
Mar. John Wockley and Elizabeth Hodgetts, servants to Mr. Jevyn of the Hall, Nov. 5th.
Chr. Anne, d. Willia Nicholes, glover, Nov. 4th.
Chr. Anne, d. James Naylor, naylor, Nov. 13th.
Mar. Francis Gibbins and Elizabeth Parshous both of the pish. of Sedgeley, Nov. 18th.
Chr. John, s. Richard Feryde, naylor, Nov. 18th.
Chr. Francis, s. John Hatton, laborer, last day.
Chr. Elinor, d. Thomas Hipkis, nay., Jan. 1st.
Chr. John, s. William Fellow, naylor, Jan. 10th.
Mar. Rouland Meryck and Anne Mathew, Jan. 12th.
Mar. Oliver Smith and Joone Jevyn, Jan. 17th.
Chr. Roger and Thomas sones William Tornor of Guarnall, naylor, borne at on birth Feb. 3rd.
Chr. Francis, s. Thomas Rash, laborer, Feb. 7th.
Chr. John, s. John Crosse, yoman and
Chr. Johan, d. Richard Steanes, laborer, Feb. 10th.
Chr. Judith, d. Richard Jevyn of Guarnall, yom. Feb. 17th.
Chr. Mary, d. Tho. Fulwood, nay., Feb. 17th.
Chr. Katherin, d. Willia Marsh, yoman, Feb. 20th.
Chr. Johane, d. Richard Crosse, naylor, Feb. 24th.
Chr. Hugh, s. Edward Nightinggall, nay., Feb. 25th.
Chr. Katherin, d. John Hickmans of Gu. yoman, Mar. 7th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. John Whithouse, nay., Mar. 7th.
Chr. Agnes, d. Edward Gibbins, nay., Mar 11th.
Chr. Jone, d. Francis Fellow, naylor, Mar. 17th.
Bur. Marget Rouse, servant to Richard Jevyn of Brereley, 20th Mar.


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