Sedgley Parish Registers for 1598

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Chr. Edward, s. Thomas Holmer, yom., Mar.30th.
Bur. Charles Truelove of Colsely, taylor, Apr. 4th.
Chr. Henry, s. Phillip Eaton, nay., Apr.27th.
Mar. Oliver Pereson and Alic Harthill, Apr. 29th.
Bur. Elizabeth Dovey, singlewoman, May 6th.
Chr. Richard, s. John Hickmans of Guarnall, May 7th.
Bur. Thomas Fellow of Colesly, lab., May 14th.
Chr. Joseph, s. John Pereson by Alic Gardener, begotten in fornication, May 20th.
Mar. Henry Joukes and Katherin Marsh, May 26th.
Bur. Alice Turnor, wydow, June 1st.
Chr. Thomas, s. Thomas Wedge of Charlecote, June 4th.
Bur. Johan, d. Edward Parker, lab.,June 8th.
Chr. Agnes, d. William Hodgetts, lab., June 25th.
Chr. Edward and Mary, s. and d. Henry Whithouse, naylor, borne at one birth, June 26th.
Bur. The said Mary Whithouse, June 29th.
Chr. Robart, s. John Short, Naylor, July 5th.
Bur. William Whatley of Etngsall, lab., July 11th.
Bur. Richard Fellow of Colseley, nay., July 28th.
Bur. The son of Thomas Walton, never christened, July 31st.
Bur. Isabell, w. Thomas Walton, nay., Aug. 15th.
Chr. Johan and Mary, d.d. Richard Bradley of the Wood, yom., born at on birth Aug.17th.
Bur. Johan, w. Thomas Wainwright, yom., Sept.9th.
Mar. Edward Forme and Johan Tymings, Sept.,10th .
Chr. John, s. John Tymings, loker, Sept.24th.
Mar. John Fellow and Alic Thomsson, Sept.28th.
Bur. Thomas, s. Thomas Tornor, yo., deceased, Sept.30th.
Mar. Thomas Grayneger and Ann Fellow, Oct.1st.
Mar. John Underell and Elizabeth Veryde, Oct.8th.
Chr. Johan, d. Henry Payton, taylor, Oct.15th.
Bur. Wynifred, w. John Hardwick, taylor, Oct.23rd.
Mar. Thomas Keyme and Elizabeth Fellow, Oct.28th.
Mar. Thomas Haughton and Ellin Jevyn, Nov.16th.
Bur. Margery, d. wydow Fellow of Col. Nov.19th.
Bur. John Hardwick of the Town , taylor, Nov.20th.
Chr. Isabell, d. Thomas Smith, stringer, Dec.17th.
Bur. Robart Hodgetts, of Guarnall, yom., Dec.24th.
Chr. Isabell, d. John Hindley, nay., Dec.26th.
Chr. William, s. William Fulwood, Dec.26th.
Chr. Johan, d. Thomas Hickmans, scholmr., Dec28th.
Chr. Richard, s. John Hill, nay., Jan.5th.
Bur. Robart Corbett, lab., Jan.5th.
Chr. Anne, d. Edward Parsus of Parsus Hall, Jan.13th.
Chr. William, s. George Stookes of Etingsall Pk. Jan.14th.
Chr. Anne, d. Richard Berington, lab., Jan.20th.
Mar. John Moreland of Brereley, Naylor and Johan Whithouse, d. Thomas Whithouse of Brereley, lab. Jan.22nd.
Chr. Anne, d. Richard Fulwood, yom., Feb.2nd.
Mar. John Crosse of Colseley, naylor and Anne Whithouse d. Richard Whithouse of Colseley, yom., Feb.3rd.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Richard Jevyn of the Hall, jn.yom., Feb.8th.
Chr. Thomas, s. Richard Hartill, Naylor, Feb. 15th.
Chr. Thomas, s. John Mooseley, nay., Feb.18th.
Chr. Katherin, d. Humfrey Bridgin, thatcher, Feb.18th.
Chr. Katherin, d. John Hartill, nay., Feb.24th.
Chr. Richard, s. Thomas Haughton, jn. taylor,
Chr. Anne, d. James Smith, carpenter, Mar. 4th.
Chr. William, s. Thomas Baker, lab. Mar. 5th.

Richard Browne, Vicar.
John Gibbins Ch.W.
Richard Jevyn Ch.W.


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