Sedgley Parish Registers for 1596

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Chr. Anne, d. Richard Geste, nay., Mar. 25th
Chr. Thomas, s. Thomas Hickmans, sernell, Mar. 26th [this entry is in a different hand writing].
Chr. Ellin, d. Thomas Hickmans of the towne, Apr. 12th [this entry has been altered from "Chr" to "Bur" or vice versa].
Chr. Christian, d. John Hart, nay., Apr. 17th
Chr. Katherin, d. Richard Fellow, hamber., Apr. 18th
Chr. Mary, d. Francis Fellow, nay., Apr. 25th
Chr. William, s. Thomas Holmer, yom., Apr. 29th
Bur. Agnes, w. John Astley of Woodsetton, yom., Apr. 30th
Bur. Elnor Walton, wydow, May 1st
Bur. Margarett Digby, wydow, May 5th
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Richard Steavens, lab., May 30th
Bur. Thrustance Tornor of Woodsetten, colliar, June 11th
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Edward Whithouse, lab., June 20th
Bur. Mistres Brooke of Ettingsall, wydow, July 6th
Chr. Mary, d. John Bridgins, lab., July 19th
Bur. The s. Thomas Parsus, yom., Aug. 1st
Bur. William, s. Thomas Pereson, grub., Aug. 24th
Chr. Steaven, s. Richard Higgins, bucher, Aug. 25th
Bur. Richard Higgins, bucher, Sept. 5th
Chr. Thomas and Henry, s.s. Thomas Tornor, yom., borne at one birth, Sept. 20th
Chr. Richard, s. William Smaleman, nay., Sept. 26th
Chr. Mary, d. John Joukes, stringer, Sept.
Chr. Anne, d. Thomas Hickmans, of the towne, Sept. 29th
Bur. William Hickmans of Guarnall, naylor, Oct. 14th
Bur. Elizabeth, d. Thomas Baker, lab., Oct. 17th
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Edward Hall, gen., Nov. 21st
Chr. Elizabeth, d. William Nichols, glover, Nov. 21st
Chr. Alice, d. Edward Parsus, grubber, Nov. 22nd
Chr. Alice, d. William Whithouse of Guar. ju., Nov. 30th
Bur. Richard Jevyn of the fould, singleman, Dec. 2nd
Chr. Richard, s. Elizabeth Fellow begotten in fornic. Dec. 3rd
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Kellam Gardinor, grubber, Dec. 28th
Chr. Mary, d. Thomas Latimer, cutter, Jan. 6th
Chr. Thomas, s. Richard Heeley, branner Jan. 9th
Chr. James, s. James Naylor, nay., Jan. 10th
Mar. Richard Whithouse and Elizabeth Crosse Jan. 16th
Chr. Jane, d. Thomas Fulwood, naylor, Jan. 17th
Chr. Margarett and Johan, d.d. Richard Cox, naylor, borne at one birth, Jan. 21st
Mar. John Elwall and Dorethy Daniel, Jan. 22nd
Chr. Isabell, d, Anne Doening, begotten in fornication, Feb.5th.
Bur. Alice, d, Kellam Gardenor, grub., Feb.25th.
Bur. Anne, Parsus kept of the almes of the parish Feb.26th.
Bur. John, s, John Peerce, lab., Feb.28th.
Chr. Elnor, d, Bennett Pryse, lab., March 4th.
Bur. Thomas Turnor of Guarnall, yom., Mar.,4th.
Bur. John Hindley , Naylor, Mar., 6th.
Bur. Richard Latimer of Guarnall, cutter, Mar.7th.
Bur. Johan, w, Thomas Parker, nay. Mar.9th.
Bur. Thomas Clemson, hamberman, Mar.,10th .
Bur. The d. of Christian Sheldon, beg. in for, never chri. Mar.19th.
Bur. Mary, d. Thomas Latimer, cutter, Mar.23rd.


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