Sedgley Parish Registers for 1592

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Bur. Nicholas Bird, householder, Mar, 30th.
Chr. John, s. John Bradley of Gospelend, driver, Apr, 8th.
Chr. Thomas, s. Roger Clemson, branner, Apr, 9th.
Chr. Ellin, d. Thomas Holmer, yoman, Apr, 9th.
Bur. The son of John Hatton, laborer, never christened, Apr, 10th.
Chr. Edward, s. Thomas Griffith, laborer, May, 5th.
Chr. Edward, s. Thomas Parsus, yom, May, 7th.
Bur. The same Edward Parsus, May, 13th.
Bur. Margarett Jevyn, single woman, May, 20th.
Chr. Richard, s. William Hickmans, naylor, May, 28th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Humfrey Marsh, naylor, May, 30th.
Chr. Anne, d. Henry Whithouse, naylor, June, 7th.
Chr. Margarett, d. Richard Pitt, naylor, June, 18th.
Bur. Johan Cross, July 9th.
Mar. John Perry and Elizabeth Gibbins, July, 10th.
Chr. Elnor, d. Humfrey Marsh, naylor, July, 30th.
Chr. Richard, s. Roger Hickmans, yom, July, 1st.
Bur. Elnor, d. Humfrey Marsh, naylor, July 25th.
Bur. Richard, s. John Hickmans, of Guarnall, yoman, July, 30th.
Bur. Edward, s. John Marsh, of Guarnall, naylor, July, 30th.
Bur. Grace, w. Robart Corbett, laborer, Sept, 7th.
Mar. John Marsh and Maudlen Bennet, Sept, 17th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. John Marsh of Guarnall, yoman, Oct, 8th.
Mar. Kellem Gardenor and Margarett Whithouse, Oct, 22nd.
Mar. James Poole and Johan Fellow, Oct, 26th.
Chr. Mary, d. Edward Parsus of Parsus hall, yoman, Oct, 26th.
Mar. William Houle and Agnes Walton, Oct, 26th.
Bur. Elizabeth, d. William Bennet, hamberman, Nov, 6th.
Bur. Roose, w. John Sheldon, laborer, Nov, 12th.
Bur. Francis, s. John Hunt, naylor, Nov, 15th.
Chr. Thomas, s. Edward Whithouse, naylor, Nov, 17th.
Bur. Richard, s. Roger Hickmans, yoman, Dec, 6th.
Bur. John Jevyn, of Cotwalend, stringer, Dec, 15th.
Bur. Thomas, s. Richard Hickmans, naylor, Dec, 21st.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. John Joukes, stringer, Dec, 21st.
Chr. Roger, s. William Tornor, naylor, Jan, 20th.
Chr. Elnor, d. Richard Cox, naylor, Jan, 21st.
Mar. Edward Robinson and Alice Tornor, Feb, 4th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. William Bradley, naylor, Feb, 5th.
Bur. Alice, w. Thomas Deene, taylor, Feb, 23rd.
Bur. John Parker, laborer, householder, Feb, 24th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Richard Fulwood, nay, Feb, 25th.
Chr. Ambrose, s. Henry Dudley, gent, Mar, 10th.
Chr. Anne, d. Thomas Gibbins, yoman, Mar, 13th.


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