Sedgley Parish Registers for 1591

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Chr. John, s. John Bradley, driver, Mar 25th.
Bur. Johan, d. William Fellow, naylor, Mar 28th.
Bur. Edward, s. Roger Hickmans, yom, Mar 28th.
Chr. William, s. Edward Whithouse, nay, Mar 29th.
Chr. Edward, s. Thomas Hickmans of Guarnall, Apr 8th.
Chr. Anne, s. Humfrey Samson, Apr 9th.
Chr. Margery, d. John Padley, loker, Apr 11th.
Chr. Ellin, d. Richard Hartill, naylor, Apr 28th.
Chr. John, s. Richard Holmer, naylor, Apr 28th.
Bur. John, s. John Bradley, driver, Apr 29th.
Bur. Johan Pitt, wydow, Apr 30th.
Mar. Rondle Moosse and Elnor Baker, May 6th.
Chr. William, s. Thomas Roods, laborer, May 6th.
Chr. John, s. William Tornor, naylor, May 7th.
Chr. Edward, s. William Whithouse, yom, May20th.
Chr. William, s. Gregory Haukes, lab, June 11th.
Chr. Wynifred, d. Thomas Barnes, lab, June 25th.
Chr. John, s. Edward Hall, gent, Aug 1st.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Edward Veryde, naylor, Aug 1st.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Rondle Mooss, Aug 1st.
Mar. Charles Truelove and Joyse Hodgetts, Aug 5th [da. Of Henry Hodgetts of West Bromwich, see his will 1579].
Chr. Elnor, d. William Marsh, yom, Aug 8th.
Chr. Elnor, d. Edward Robinson, hamb, Aug 16th.
Chr. John, s. John Whithouse, naylor, Aug 21st.
Chr. Giles, s. Giles Tymmings, grubber, Sept, 10th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Richard Jevyn of the hall, yom, Sept, 18th.
Mar. Edward Bennett and Anne Pearson, Sept, 20th.
Chr. Ann, d. Thomas Parsus, blacksmith, Oct, 11th.
Mar. Robart Smith and Phelip Banes, Oct, 16th.
Mar. John Joukes and Elnor Marsh, Nov, 7th.
Chr. Edward, s. John Marsh of Guarnall, naylor, Nov, 7th.
Chr. Mary, d. Edward Wilkes, naylor, Dec, 4th.
Bur. The son of Thomas Smith, lab, never christened, Dec, 6th.
Bur. John, s. Edward Hall, gent, Dec, 8th.
Bur. Elizabeth, w. Thomas Smith, laborer, Dec, 19th.
Chr. Cornelia, d. Henry Dudley, gent, Dec, 19th.
Chr. Anne, d. William Fellow, naylor, Feb, 16th.
Chr. William, s. Richard Bradley of the wood, yoman, Feb, 21st.
Chr. William, s. Thomas Gibbins, naylor, Feb, 23rd.
Bur. Katherin Parsus of Cotwalend, wydow, Mar, 3rd.
Chr. Mary, d. George Hand, laborer, Mar, 3rd.
Chr. Thomas, s. John Harper, hamberman, Mar, 6th.
Bur. Henry Hartill of Guarnall, householder, Mar, 13th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Richard Wood, smith, Mar, 14th.
Chr. Elnor, d. Rondle Sinderland, naylor, Mar, 24th.
Bur. Margery, w. Henry Holmer, yom, Mar, 24th.
Bur. Elizabeth Kirby, wydow, Mar, 24th.


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