Sedgley Parish Registers for 1590

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Chr. Edward, s. Thomas Hickmans, keeper, Apr 12th.
Chr. Frauncis, s. Thomas Holmer, yom., Apr 13th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. William Curtler, laborer, Apr 27th.
Chr. Roger, s. William Wilkes, naylor, May 19th.
Chr. Thomas, s. John Heath, sithsmith, May 25th.
Chr. Mary, d. Thomas Joukes, yom., June 6th.
Mar. William Bowlor and Elizabeth Smith, June 15th.
Chr. John, s. John Hickmans of Colseley, yom., June 17th.
Bur. The son of Edward Clark, hamberman never christened July 11th.
Chr. Margery, d. Richard Steavens, lab., July 27th.
Mar. William Smauleman and Elnor Whithouse, Aug 13th.
Chr. Henry, s. Henry Dudley, gent. Aug 29th.
Bur. Henry, s. Richard Whithouse, yom., Sept 1st.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. William Allen, yoman, Sept 19th.
Chr. Katherin, d, Thomas Parsus, yom, Sept. 20th.
Chr. John, s. John Kirby, branner, Sept. 29th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Thomas Fulwood, Naylor, Oct. 1st.
Bur. Elizabeth, d. William Allen, yom., Oct. 3rd.
Bur. Thomas, s. Thomas Tornor, yom, Oct, 22nd.
Chr. Johan, d. William Fellow, naylor, Nov, 8th.
Chr. Christoper, s. William Hill, lab, Nov, 22nd.
Mar. John Hopkins and Elizabeth Whithouse, Nov, 28th.
Mar. Thomas Gibbins and Elizabeth Smith, Nov, 28th.
Chr. Mary, d. Richard Fellow, naylor, Nov, 28th.
Chr. Edward, s. Roger Hickmans, yom, Dec, 1st.
Bur. John, Parsus, blacksmith, Dec, 7th.
Chr. John, s. George Seny, naylor, Dec, 13th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. John Jevyn, stringer, Dec, 13th.
Mar. Thomas Hare and Elizabeth Baker, Jan, 24th.
Chr. William, s. Richard Hartill, naylor, Jan, 26th.
Bur. Alice, w. Charles Truelove, taylor, Feb, 2nd.
Chr. John, s. Thomas Felton, lab,Feb, 5th.


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