Sedgley Parish Registers for 1588

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Bur. Yoman John, of Cotwallend householder Mar. 30th
Bur. The d. of Thomas Mooseley, naylor, never christened Apr. 11th
Bur. Thomas Hidley, of Cotwalend, yom. Apr. 18th
Bur. Humfrey Gorton of Cotwalend householder Apr. 25th
Bur. Johan Crosse of Cotwalend wydow Apr. 30th
Bur. Elizabeth Gorton of Cotwalend, wydow, May 3rd.
Chr. Giles, s. Giles Tymmings, grubber, May 5th.
Bur. Alice, w. Rondle Moosse, naylor, May 30th .
Chr. Thomas, s. Thomas Briscow, cutter, June 2nd.
Chr. Isabell, d. John Baker, laborer, June 2nd.
Bur. Elizabeth, d. Thomas Smith, deceased, June 11th.
Bur. Edward Jevyn of Cotwalend, householder, June 12th.
Bur. Richard Hodgetts, of Guarnall, yom., June 13th.
Mar. John Jevyn and Johan Hickmans, June 16th.
Chr. John, s. Richard Tornor, collier, June 16th.
Bur. The said John Tornor, June 20th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. John Gibbins, naylor, June 21st.
Chr. Margery, d. John Harper, hamberman, June 24th.
Chr. Richard, s. Thomas Fellow, naylor, June 29th.
Chr. Mary, d. Thomas Hale, laborer, July 7th.
Chr. Anne, d. Thomas Holmer, yom., July 8th.
Chr. Thomas, s. Thomas Parsus, blacksmith, July 14th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Thomas Joukes, yom., July 21st. [NB - The word Elizabeth has been written over, in different ink by what may be Katherine.]
Bur. Thomas, s. John Downing, yom., Aug 16th.
Chr. Mary, d. Thomas Perry, Aug 18th.
Chr. Anne, d. Thomas Tymmings, grubber, Aug 28th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Thomas Hickmans, naylor, Aug 29th.
Bur. Isabell, d. John Baker, laborer, Sept 7th.
Chr. Mary, d. Roger Hickmans yom., Sept 12th.
Bur. Ellin ap Owen, wydow, Sept 16th.
Mar. Richard Fooley and Agnes Munday, Sept 17th.
Bur. The d. of George Seny never christened, Sept 18th.
Bur. Elizabeth, d. Oliver Parsus of Guarnall, Sept 21st.
Chr. Steeven, s. John Elwall, yom., Sept 26th.
Mar. Hunfrey Marsh and Elizabeth Pearson, Sept 29th.
Bur. Edward Jevyn, of Brereley, yom., Oct 3rd.
Mar. William Baker and Elizabeth Yoman, Oct 6th.
Chr. Adam, s. John Jevyn, stringer, Oct 6th.
Mar. Richard Hickmans and Ann Jevyn, Oct 13th.
Bur. Elizabeth, d. John Broughton, gent, Oct 13th. [John Broughton, gent bur. at Kingswinford, 7th May 1609. Will pr. Lichfield 17th July, 1610].
Chr. Richard, s. Thomas Parsus, yom., Oct 15th
Mar. Isaac Marson and Margarett Hickman, Oct 27th
Chr. Roger, s. Richard Hartill, naylor, Oct 27th.
Chr. Ann, d. John Marsh, naylor, Oct 27th.
Bur. Joyse, w. Thomas Felton, laborer, Oct 30th.
Chr. Margery, d. Thomas Gibbins, yom., Nov 4th.
Chr. Thomas, s. John Padley, looker, Nov 5th.
Chr. Katherin, d. John Ruston, naylor, Nov 13th.
Bur. Ann, d. Edward Wilkes, naylor, Nov 15th.
Mar. Richard Fellow and Ann Pearson, Nov 17th.
Chr. Johan, d. John Kirby, branner, Nov 22nd.
Chr. Rouse, s. William Allen, yom., Nov 24th.
Mar. Thomas Edson and Elizabeth Veryde, Nov 25th.
Mar. Edward Veryde and Agnes Marsh, Nov 25th.
Mar. Richard Downing and Ann Hodgetts, Nov 26th.
Mar. John Mintredge and Margary Jevyn, Nov 28th.
Bur. Richard Jevyn, servant to Richard Bradley, Dec 1st.
Chr. Wiliam, s. Richard Pitt, naylor, Dec 15th.
Chr. Robart, s. Humfrey Marsh, Dec 15th.
Chr. John, s. Henry Whithouse, naylor, Dec 26th.
Bur. Elizabeth, d. Phillip Smith, pinner, Jan 4th.
Chr. Margery, d. Roger Grasbrooke, naylor, Jan 6th.
Chr. John, s. Thomas Clemson, hamberman, Jan 29th.
Chr. Mary, d. William Whithouse, yom, Feb 2nd.
Bur. Isbell, w. Thomas Allen, yom., Feb 2nd.
Bur. Margarett Frereson, servant to John Hickmans, yom. Feb 5th.
Bur. George Wock, householder, Feb 12th.
Bur. Humfrey Downing, singleman, Feb 13th.
Bur. Thomas Cox, householder, Feb 14th.
Chr. Walter, s. Edward Hall, gent. Feb 14th.
Bur. John Gibbins, naylor, householder, Feb 15th.
Bur. Isabell, d. Oliver Parsus, Turles hill, Feb 18th.
Chr. Edward, s. Thomas Smith, laborer, Mar 2nd.
Chr. Hugh, s. William Wilkes, naylor, Mar 2nd.
Chr. Margery, d. Richard Bradley of the Wood, Mar 9th.
Chr. Katherin, d. John Bradley, driver, Mar 18th.
Chr. Oliver, s. John Fellow, yom., Mar 23rd.
Bur. Isabell, d. Nicholas Smith, Mar 24th.


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