Sedgley Parish Registers for 1586

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Chr. Alice, d. John Jevyn, Colseley, Apr. 4th.
Chr. Edward, s. John Eginton, hamberman, Apr. 17th.
Bur. Gilian Hodgetts, wydow, Apr. 21st.
Chr. Richard, s. Henry Waynewright, yom., Apr. 21st.
Chr. John, s. Richard Bradley, yom., Apr. 21st.
Bur. John Gaunt of the towne, taylor, Apr. 28th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. James Whit, laborer, Apr. 30th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Richard Cox, naylor, May 19th.
Bur. William Cook, Guarnall, householder, May 23rd.
Bur. Edward, s. John Eginton, hamberman, May 24th.
Chr. Agnes, d. William Bradley, naylor, June 1st.
Chr. Johan, d. Thomas Eginton, hamberman, June 1st.
Chr. Margery and Elizabeth twin d.d. John Hickmans of Etingsall, junior, June 3rd.
Bur. Elizabeth, d. John Hickmans of Etingsall, ju. June 5th.
Bur. Richard, s. Richard Panels, Carpenter, June 13th.
Bur. Margery, d. John Hickmans, Ettinsall, ju. June 14th.
Bur. Katherin, w. of the sayd John Hickmans, June 19th.
Chr. Thomas, s. John Fellow, naylor, June 24th.
Chr. Margery, d. Thomas Jukes, yom., July 25th.
Chr. Thomas, s. Edward Parsus, grubber, Aug. 7th.
Chr. John, s. John Homer, yom., Aug 11th.
Chr. Christian, d. Richard Nichols, laborer, Aug. 14th.
Chr. Isabell, d. William Whithouse, yom., Aug. 21st.
Chr. Edward, s. Edward Wilkes, naylor, Sept. 6th.
Bur. Thomas, s. Edward Parsus, grubber, Sept. 11th.
Chr. Mary, d. John Parkes, yom., Sept. 21st.
Bur. Alice, d. John Fellow, naylor, Oct. 2nd.
Bur. Thomas, s. John Hickmans, Colseley. Yom., Oct. 5th.
Bur. The d. of Thomas Parsus, blacksmith, Oct. 26th.
Chr. William, s. John Wevar, laborer, Oct. 27th.
Chr. Daniell, s. Richard Jeven of the hall, yom., Dec. 3rd.
Bur. Robart Bayley [?Bagley] householder, Dec. 17th.
Chr. William s. Edward Parsus of Parsus hall, yom. Jan. 1st
Chr. William s. John Kirby, Branner Jan. 1st
Chr. Elnor d. Henry Whithouse naylor Jan. 10th
Chr. Richard s. Thomas Smith laborer Jan. 15th
Chr. Edward s. Thomas Gibbons yom. Jan. 22nd
Bur. Elnor d. Oliver Parsus, Turles hill Jan. 24th
Chr. Margery d. William Mason, bucher Jan. 24th
Chr. Katherin d. Richard Tymmings laborer Feb. 12th
Chr. Katherin d. John Whithouse naylor Feb. 19th
Bur. Richard Jevyn, of the towne, householder Feb. 20th
Chr. Elizabeth d. William Bennett hamberman Feb. 20th
Chr. Robart s. Thomas Hickmans keeper Mar. 1st
Chr. John s. Roger Bager, of Chadwick Mar. 1st
Bur. Thomas Veryde, Guarnall yom. Mar. 6th
Chr. William s. Richard Fellow, naylor Mar. 20th
Chr. John s. John Marsh, Colseley Mar. 23rd


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