Sedgley Parish Registers for 1585

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Chr. Johan, d. John Harper, hamberman, Mar. 25th.
Chr. Thomas, s. Thomas Parsus, naylor, Apr. 10th.
Chr. John, s. Thomas Hickmans, of the Towne, naylor, Apr. 10th.
Bur. Alice, w. John Jevyn, blacksmith, Apr. 10th.
Mar. Thomas Tornor and Anne Holmer, Apr. 22nd.
Mar. Richard Hodgins and Johan Perry, Apr. 25th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Thomas Holmer, yom., May 15th.
Mar. John Baker and Margarett Tautbot, June 6th.
Chr. Anne, d. John Hindley, naylor, June 20th.
Bur. Elizabeth, d. Thomas Holmer, yom., June 20th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Oliver Parsons of Guarnall, July 4th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Phillip Smith, pinner, July 4th.
Mar. John Hickmans and Katherin Davis, July 21st.
Bur. Elizabeth, d. Thomas Whithouse, thatcher, July 26th.
Bur. John, s. Wydow Coytmore, July 28th.
Bur. George Chapman, servant to John Hardwick, Aug. 2nd.
Mar. John Batson and Alice Nock, Aug. 13th.
Mar. Clement Mounsell and Jane Baker, Aug. 18th.
Chr. Nicholas, s.. Richard Panell, carpenter, Sept. 12th.
Chr. Thomas, s. George Hand, laborer, Sept. 19th.
Chr. Isabell, d. Richard Gibbins, yom., Oct. 4th.
Mar. Richard Mason and Roose Tymmings, Oct. 10th.
Bur. Roger Jevyn, laborer, householder, Oct. 10th.
Chr. Thomas, s. Nicholas Allen of Sedgeley Park, Oct. 28th.
Chr. Thomas, s. Richard Gorton, collier, Nov. 1st.
Chr. Thomas, s. John Whithouse, naylor, Nov. 2nd.
Bur. Isabell, d. Richard Gibbins, yom., Nov. 2nd.
Chr. Richard, s. Thomas Gibbins, yom., Nov. 4th.
Chr. Isabell, d. Oliver Parsus, Turles hill, Nov. 5th.
Chr. Ann, d. Thomas Fellow, naylor, Nov. 15th.
Chr. Henry, s. William Hodgetts, yom., Nov. 16th.
Chr. William, s. John Bradley, naylor, Nov. 23rd.
Chr. Margery, d. John Bradley, driver, Nov. 23rd.
Mar. John Weever and Thomasin Jevyn, Nov. 25th.
Chr. John, s. Roger Hickmans, yom., Nov. 25th.
Chr. Thomas, s. Roger Greasbrook, naylor, Nov. 30th.
Chr. Thomas, s. Richard Pitt, naylor, Dec. 12th.
Bur. The son of Edward Parsus of Parsus Hall never christened, Dec. 14th.
Chr. Thomas, s. Humfrey Marsh, naylor, Dec. 21st.
Chr. John, s. John Marsh, Coulseley, Dec. 24th.
Bur. Francis, d. Anthony Waynewright, Dec. 25th.
Bur. Isabell, w. Richard Downing, stringer, Dec 26th.
Chr. Thomas, s. John Marsh, Guarnall, yom., Jan. 7th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Roger Shenston, branner, Jan. 13th.
Mar. Thomas Parsus and Johan Jevyn, Jan. 29th.
Mar. William Bradley and Joyce Coxe, Jan. 29th.
Chr. William, s. Richard Hartill, naylor, Jan. 29th.
Chr. John, s. William Smith, naylor, Feb 11th.
Bur. Thomas Veryde, singleman, Feb. 11th.
Chr. Richard, s. John Marsh, Guarnall, naylor the last day.
Bur. The son of Thomas Tornor, never christened, the last day.
Bur. Richard, s. John Marsh, aforesayd, Mar. 6th.
Chr. Walter, s. Henry Corbett, laborer, Mar. 6th.
Bur. Alice Jevyn, Colseley, wydow, Mar. 9th.
Bur. Agnes, w. John Gibbins, yom., Mar. 17th.
Chr. Margaret, d. William Curtler, laborer, Mar 20th.


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