Sedgley Parish Registers for 1584

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Bur. Frances, d. William Holmer yom., Apr. 7th.
Bur. Humfrey Brookhouse, servant, Apr. 15th.
Bur. Thomas Parsus, laborer, householder, Apr. 24th.
Chr. Sara, d. William Whithouse, yom., May 8th.
Chr. Edward, s. Edward Hall, gent. May 10th.
Chr. John, s. Henry Whithouse, naylor, May 17th.
Chr. Edward, s. John Gaunt, taylor, June 7th.
Bur. Ursula, d. Philip Parkes, Weddesbury, June 22nd.
Chr. Katherin, d. John Gandy, deceased, July 6th.
Mar. Thomas Parkes and Elizabeth Bridgett, July 13th.
Bur. Margarett, w. Thomas Parks, naylor, July 14th.
Bur. The son of Yoman John, laborer, never christened, last day.
Chr. Edward, s. William Bennett, naylor, Aug. 2nd.
Mar. John Harper and Elnor Parsus, Aug. 23rd.
Chr. Thomas, s. Thomas Tymmings, grubber, Aug 30th.
Chr. Johan, d. Thomas Joukes, yom., Aug. 31st.
Chr. John, s. John Marsh, Guarnall, naylor, Sept. 12th.
Chr. Katherin, d. Thomas Marson, Sept. 18th.
Chr. Elnor, d. John Bradley, driver, Sept. 20th.
Chr. Katherin, d. Richard Elwall, naylor, Sept. 23rd.
Bur. John Hickmans, Woodsetton, householder, Sept. 23rd.
Bur. Katherin, d. Thomas Marson, Sept. 23rd.
Chr. Isabell, d. John Elwall, yom., Sept. 25th.
Bur. Alice Hunt, Guarnall, wydow, Sept. 26th.
Chr. John, s. Francis Tornor, Oct. 19th.
Bur. Richard Smith, woodsetton, householder, Oct. 20th.
Chr. William, s. William Marsh, naylor, Oct. 21st.
Chr. Thomas, s. John Workman, naylor, Oct. 21st.
Chr. William, s. Richard Hindley, naylor, Oct. 21st.
Chr. Samuell, s. Richard Jevyn, of the hall, yom., Oct. 25th.
Chr. John, s. Thomas Fellow, naylor, Oct. 27th.
Chr. Thomas, s. John Hickmans, Colsely, yom., Dec. 1st.
Chr. Edward, s. Thomas Griffith, laborer, Dec. 8th.
Bur. The daughter of John Hunt, naylor, never christened, Dec. 13th.
Bur. John, s. John Marsh Guarnall, naylor, Dec 14th.
Bur. Thomas, s. John Workman, naylor, Dec. 14th.
Chr. William, s. Thomas Mason, laborer, Dec. 17th.
Chr. John, s. Giles Tymmings, grubber, Dec. 20th.
Chr. Isabell, d. William Hill, laborer, Dec. 25th.
Chr. Jane, d. John Baker, laborer, Dec. 29th.
Chr. Anne, d. John Hickmans, Guarnall, yom., Jan. 6th.
Chr. Richard, s. Richard Tornor, collior, Jan. 10th.
Mar. Roger Grasbrook and Johan Hunt, Jan. 26th.
Chr. Henry, s. Richard Holmer, naylor, Jan. 28th.
Chr. Nicholas, s. William Wilkes, naylor, Jan. 31st.
Mar. Edward Parsons and Katherine Astley, Feb. 3rd.
Mar. John Michell and Margery Fulwood, Feb. 4th.
Bur. The d. of Roger Hickmans, Colseley, never christened, Feb 7th.
Chr. Elizabeth, d. Thomas Graynger, yom., Feb. 8th.
Chr. Alice, d. Richard Whithouse, Colseley, yom., Feb. 21st.
Chr. Mary, d. Griffith Gibbins, naylor, Feb. 21st.
Chr. Anna, d. Thomas Hickmans, Guarnall, yom., Feb. 21st.


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