Sedgley Parish Registers for 1582

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Chr. Ann, daughter of Griffith Gibbins, naylor Mar 28th
Chr. John, Son of Henry Cook, laborer, Mar 28th
Chr. Margery, daughter of Richard Tornor, collier, Apr 1st
Chr. John, Son of William Wilkes, naylor, Apr 12th
Chr. Richard, Son of Thomas Parsus, Colseley, Apr 16th
Chr. Roose, daughter of Adam Holmer, grubber, Apr 27th
Chr. Richard, Son of Richard Stockwall, taylor, Apr 28th
Bur. John Greenway, householder, May 3rd
Chr. Oliver, son of Thomas Griffith, laborer, May 5th
Chr. Richard, Son of Richard Jevyn, of the hall, yoman, May 22nd
Bur. William Parsus, of Parsus Hall, yoman, May 25th
Chr. Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Holmer, naylor, Jun 11th
Chr. Dorothy, daughter of John Hickmans, Coseley, yoman Jun 17th
Bur. Thrustans Whyston, Householder, Jun 26th
Mar. Thomas Jukes and Elizabeth Farthing, July 5th
Chr. Richard, Son of John Jevyn, Colseley, naylor, Jul 22nd
Chr. Thomas, Son of Giles Tymmings, grubber, Jul 22nd
Bur. John Hindley, of the town, householder, Jul 23rd
Chr. Margery, daughter of Johan Tector by Thomas Copley begotten in fornication, Jul 28th
Chr. Richard, Son of Thomas Pearson, grubber, Aug 5th
Chr. Oliver, Son of John Hardwick, taylor, Aug 5th
Chr. John, Son of William Curtler, laborer, Aug 12th
Chr. Thomas, son of Richard Coxe, naylor, Sep 16th
Bur. Jane, daughter of Henry Cook, Sep 22nd
Mar. Thomas Eginton and Johan Elwall, Sep 23rd
Chr. William, Son of Whithouse, Colseley, yoman, Sep 30th
Chr. Richard, Son of Richard Tymmings, Colseley, laborer, Oct 3rd
Bur. Roger Jevyn, Gospelend, yoman, warden, Oct 3rd
Chr. Edward, Son of John Hindley, naylor, Oct 7th
Chr. Elnor, daughter of William Gaylady, naylor, Oct 7th
Chr. Francis, daughter of William Darby, yoman, Oct 21st
Chr. Anne, d. Roger Jevyn, deceased, Oct. 28th.
Bur. Francis, William Darby, yoman, Oct. 30th.
Bur. Richard Hodgetts, singleman, Nov. 5th.
Bur. Anne, d. Roger Jevyn, deceased, Nov. 6th.
Chr. Anne, d. Henry Waynewright, yoman, Nov. 13th.
Bur. Elizabeth, w. Edward Tomkis, yoman, Dec. 2nd.
Bur. Richard, s. Richard Bradley, driver, deceased, Dec 4th.
Chr. Edward, s. Oliver Parsus, Turleshill, yom, Dec. 23rd.
Chr. Steaven, s. Richard Wock, blacksmith, Dec. 30th.
Chr. Giles, s. William Edson, stringer, Jan. 6th.
Chr. John, s. John Ruston, naylor, Jan. 6th.
Chr. Ellin, d. John Marsh, Guarnall, naylor, Jan. 13th.
Mar. Roger Jevyn and Anne Bradley, Jan. 20th.
Chr. Francis Waynewright, Jan. 20th.
Mar. John Workman and Anne Fellow, Jan. 23rd.
Chr. Phillip, s. John Marsh, Guarnall, yom, Jan. 23rd.
Mar. Thomas Gardener and Elizabeth Gibbins, Jan. 26th.
Chr. Richard, s. John Bradley, naylor, Jan. 30th.
Mar. Roger Hickmans and Elizabeth Perry, Feb. 5th.
Bur. Francis, s. Yoman John, laborer, Feb. 11th.
Bur. Katherin Parsus, Turles Hill, wydow, Mar. 1st.
Chr. Johan, d. Henry Cook, laborer, Mar. 10th.
Chr. Isabell, d. Thomas Graynger, naylor, Mar. 13th.


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