Sedgley Parish Registers for 1577

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Chr. John Jevyn, Mar. 25th.
Chr. Anne Hickmans, May 7th.
Mar. Oliver Haughton and Margery Lane, May 9th.
Chr. Richard Ellow, May 19th.
Chr. Oliver Truelove, May. 27th.
Chr. Roger Browne, June 2nd.
Chr. John Waynewright, June 4th.
Chr. John Gardner, June 16th.
Mar. Richard Bradley and Ann Parsus, June 27th.
Bur. John Waynewright, July 6th.
Chr. William Tymmings, July 21st.
Bur. Anne Gibbins, July 24th.
Bur. John Downing, July 31st.
Chr. John Gibbins, Aug. 4th.
Bur. Roger Browne, Aug. 20th.
Chr. Richard Fellow, Aug. 30th.
Chr. Elizabeth Smith, Sept. 8th.
Mar. Thrustans Marsh and Margery Baker, Sept. 13th.
Chr. Oliver Hodgetts and Anne Corbett, Sept. 21st.
Chr. John Askewe, Sept. 22nd.
Chr. Richard Twmmings, Sept. 28th.
Bur. Agnes Wock, Oct. 2nd.
Chr. John Bradley, Oct. 20th.
Mar, Walter Haughton and Elizabeth Bradley, Oct 27th.
Chr, Anne Cross, Nov 1st.
Bur, William Tymmings, Nov 10th.
Mar, Anthony Waynewright and Margery Ellow, Nov 28th.
Chr, Richard Grainger, Dec 15th.
Chr, Alice Jevyn, Dec 21st.
Bur, Christian Whithouse, Dec 21st.
Chr, Richard Tymmings, Jan 5th.
Bur, Rodger Hardwick of Edgmond, Jan 8th.
Bur, Margery Hindley, Jan 8th.
Bur, Margarett Tymmings, Jan 10th.
Mar, Thomas Wock and Elizabeth Parsus, Jan 20th.
Chr, Robert Parsus, Jan 20th.
Mar, Thomas Shaw and Katherine Bate, Jan 22nd.
Mar, Thomas Griffith and Isabell Digeby, Jan 22nd.
Chr, William Hickman, Jan 26th.
Chr, Margery Tornor, Feb 3rd.
Chr, John Tornor, Feb 9th.
Bur, Francis Shingler, Feb 12th.
Chr, Oliver Haughton, Feb 24th.
Chr, Katherin Williams, last day.
Chr, Margery Jevyn, Mar 7th.
Chr, William Parsus, Mar 9th.
Chr, Phillip Haughton, Mar 23rd.


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