Sedgley Parish Registers for 1576

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Chr. Katherin Fellow and Elizabeth Pitt, Mar. 25th.
Bur. John Doughty, Apr. 4th.
Bur. Thomas ApOwen, Apr. 8th.
Bur. Alice Tector, Apr. 18th.
Bur. Thomas Eginton, Apr. 18th.
Bur. Thrustans Holmer, Apr. 22nd.
Chr. William Edson, May 6th.
Bur. William Johnson of Rushok co. Wig. May 8th.
Bur. Johan Waynewright, May 13th.
Chr. Christian Hickmans, May 27th.
Chr. Jane Fulwood, May 31st.
Chr. & Bur. John Holmer, May 31st.
Chr. Henry Hodgetts and Margery Crosse, May 10th.
Bur. Christian Hickmans, May 14th.
Mar. Thomas Tornor and Katherin Booth, May 18th.
Chr. William Elwall, July 22nd.
Bur. John Price, July 24th.
Bur. Christian Hindley, July 28th.
Bur. Henry Hodgetts, July 29th.
Mar. John Southall and Johan Turnor, Aug. 17th.
Bur. John Pearson, Aug. 23rd.
Chr. Thomas Fellow, Aug. 24th.
Chr. William Smith, Sept. 2nd.
Chr. Agnes Whithouse and Roger Whiston, Sept. 16th.
Chr. Margarett Hodgetts, Sept. 21st.
Chr. Margery Hickmans, Sept. 23rd.
Chr. John Hickmans, Sept. 30th.
Mar. Thomas Downing and Elizabeth Moore, Oct. 7th.
Chr. Margaret Sclater, Oct. 7th.
Bur. Richard Gibbins, Oct. 14th.
Chr. Thomas Whithouse, Oct. 14th.
Bur. Richard Whithouse, Nov. 2nd.
Mar. William Whithouse and Agnes Baker, Nov. 11th.
Mar. Richard Whithouse and Elnor Davis, Nov. 25th.
Chr. Thomas Smith, Nov. 25th.
Chr. Nicholas Moosse, Nov. 30th.
Bur. Alice Bennett, Dec. 12th.
Bur. Alice Mason, Dec. 31st.
Chr. John Hindley, Jan. 1st.
Chr. Thomas and Margery Brinton, twynes, Jan. 13th.
Mar. John Nock and Alice Foster, Jan. 21st.
Bur. John Dunsterfild, Jan. 26th.
Chr. Agnes Jevyn, Jan. 27th.
Mar. John Bradley and Mary Nichols, Feb. 2nd.
Chr. William Fellow and Thrustans Tornor, Feb. 2nd.
Chr. Anne Hickmans, Feb. 3rd.
Chr. Nicholas Smith, Feb. 7th.
Chr. William Hickmans, Feb. 24th.


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