Sedgley Parish Registers for 1566

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Chr. Richard Hickmans, Mar. 30th
Bur. Agnes Bradley, Apr. 2nd
Chr. Thomas Hickmans and Elizabeth Holmer, Apr. 7th
Chr. Elizabeth Byrd, Apr. 9th
Chr. Thomas Baker, Apr. 13th
Chr. Elizabeth Hodgetts, Apr. 17th
Chr. Richard Fellow, Apr. 25th
Chr. Thomas Workman, Apr. 28th
Chr. Edward Edwards, Apr. 30th
Chr. Richard Parsus, May 5th
Bur. Thomas Abell, May 8th
Chr. John Whithouse, May 10th
Bur. John Jevyn, May 14th
Bur. Richard Parsus, May 24th
Chr. Richard Veryde, May 30th
Chr. Elizabeth Wildsmith, June 4th
Bur. Ellin Parsus, June 7th
Bur. Agnes Parsus, June 12th
Bur. Thomas Latimer, June 30th
Chr. Joone Hodgetts, July 3rd
Chr. Elizabeth Hickmans, July 4th
Bur. Alice Graynger, July 9th
Chr. Agnes Haughton, July 10th
Bur. Margarett Hidley, July 15th
Bur. Alice Panells, July 22nd
Bur. Thomas Graynger, Aug. 12th
Bur. Elizabeth Byrd, Sept. 9th
Bur. Joone Hodgetts, Sept. 17th
Mar. William Panels and Margarett Marsh, Sept. 23rd
Chr. Thomas Latimer and William Smith, Sept. 30th
Bur. Elizabeth Jevyn, Oct. 3rd
Mar. Richard Ellow and Roose Marsh, Oct. 6th
Mar. William ApJohn and Joone Madox, Oct. 21st
Chr. Edward Hickmans, Oct. 26th
Mar. Thomas Jennyns and Joone Jukes, Nov. 25th
Chr. Thomas Veryde, Nov. 29th
Bur. Isbell Bageley, Jan. 11th
Mar. John Sheldon and Roose Jevyn, Jan. 12th
Mar. Steaphen Eaton and Isbell Bagot, Jan. 25th
Chr. John Mooseley and Tho. Allen, Feb. 17th
Bur. John Webbe, Feb. 22nd
Chr. Richard Fellow and Elnor Whithouse, Feb. 24th
Chr. Richard Whithouse, Mar. 3rd


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