Sedgley Parish Registers for 1565

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Chr. Thomas Jukes, Apr 8th
Chr. Thomas Hodgetts, Apr 12th
Chr. Phillip Fellow, Apr 15th
Chr. Agnes Mooseley, Apr 25th
Chr. Elizabeth Jevyn, Apr 26th
Bur. Elnor Parsus, May 4th
Chr. Thomas Gibbins, May 4th
Bur. Thomas Hodgetts, May 11th
Chr. Joone Downing, May 21st
Chr. Humfrey Jukes, May 27th
Chr. Anne Frereson, May 30th
Chr. Thomas Jevyn, June 3rd
Chr. John Tymings, June 5th
Chr. Margery Gibbins, June 6th
Chr. Elnor Pereson, June 10th
Chr. John Holmer, June 18th
Mar. William Forne and Anne Wetherby, July 1st
Mar. Richard Parsus and Katherin Fellow, July 15th
Chr. Edward Downing, July 30th
Bur. John Smith, July 30th
Chr. Thomas Astley, Aug. 26th
Bur. Thomas Jevyn, Aug. 31st
Chr. William Hickmans, Sept. 8th
Chr. Thomas Allen, Sept. 27th
Chr. Richard Crosse, Oct. 3rd
Bur. William Hickmans, Oct. 5th
Chr. Elizabeth Jevyn, Oct. 8th
Mar. Adam Holmer and Margarett Marlis, Oct. 16th
Bur. Richard Holmer, Oct. 18th
Mar. Thomas Haughton and Eliza Hodson, Oct. 21st
Chr. Katherin Astley, Oct. 22nd
Chr. Robert Smith, Oct. 23rd
Chr. Thomas Parsus, Oct. 30th
Mar. Thomas Askew and Joyce Gibbins, Nov. 11th
Chr. Francis Fellow, Nov. 15th
Mar. Roger Harris and Agnis Parsus, Nov. 28th
Bur. Agnes Veryde, Dec.4th
Chr. Ellin Holmer, Dec. 7th
Chr. Dorothy Marsh, Jan. 10th
Chr. Katherin Downing, Jan. 15th
Chr. John Nock and Creatur Nock, Jan. 19th
Bur. John Nock and Creatur Nock, Jan. 20th
Mar. William White and Jane Taylor, Jan. 25th
Mar. Richard Veryde and Roose Hodgetts, Feb. 4th
Chr. Thomas Fulwood, Feb. 21st
Chr. Richard Downing, Feb. 25th
Chr. Elizabeth Pereson, Mar. 6th
Chr. Anne Haughton, Mar. 13th
Bur. William Holmer, Mar. 20th
Chr. Richard Willis, Mar. 24th


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