Sedgley Parish Registers for 1562

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Bur. Isabell Parsus, Mar. 26th.
Chr. Thomas Holmer, Mar. 27th
Chr. Thomas Tymings, Apr 1st.
Mar. Thomas Parsus, and Joone Hickmans, Apr 11th.
Chr. Isbell Holmer same day.
Chr. John Gibbins, Apr. 20th.
Chr. Elizabeth Kinge, May 1st.
Chr. Thomas Brinton, May 30th
Bur. Richard Parsus, June 2nd.
Chr. Thomas Laurence, June 13th
Mar. Humfrey Hopkis and Elizabeth Jevyn, June 20th.
Bur. Hugh Williams, July 2nd.
Chr. John Waters, July 7th.
Chr, Joone Latimer, July 13th.
Chr. Joone Fellow, July 19th.
Chr. Thomas Heeley, July 26th.
Bur. Isabell Heeley, Aug. 6th.
Chr. William Fellow, Aug. 12th.
Chr. John Downing, Aug. 14th.
Bur. Margery Holmer, Aug. 16th.
Bur. Henry Parsus, Aug. 23rd,
Chr. Anne Marsh, Aug. 25th,
Chr. Richard Mooseley, Aug. 30th.
Chr. John Downing, Oct. 17th.
Bur. John Downing, Oct 26th.
Chr. Robert Pereson, Nov. 6th.
Mar. John Haughton and Elnor Parsus. Nov. 10th.
Mar. Hugh Smith and Katherin Brook, Nov. 25th.
Mar. Peter Tyraings and Elao, Jevyn, Nov, 26th.
Chr. Edward Frereson, Nov 28th.
Chr. Thomas Veryde and Elnor Fellow, Nov. 29th
Chr. Katherin Davis, Dec. 16th.
But. Edwarel Frereson, Dec 30th.
Chr.& Bur. William Jevyn, Jan. 1st.
Bur. Henry Holmer, Jan 2nd,
Bur. Alice Edwards, Jan 4th.
Chr. Joone Walton, Jan 13th.
Bur. Joone Walton, Jan. 15th.
Chr. Elizabeth Jevyn, Jan. 16th.
Chr. Elizabeth Gibbins. Mar 6th.
Chr. Katherine Whitehouse, Mar 7th.
Chr. Chritian Crosse, Mar 17th.
Chr. Katherin and Isbell Astley, sisters, Mar. 20th.


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