Sedgley Association for the
Prosecution of Felons

The article below may be of interest to those who have not seen it before. I have not got any dates but Father Tysan was Priest in Charge of St Chads & All Saints RC church Sedgley from 1819 to 1861 or 65.
Perhaps there is someone out there who can provide a date. This is a copy of a copy of a copy etc. so the accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Thanks to Christine Hamer, Karen Morgan and Sandra Yate for the providing the article.

We, whose names are hereunder mentioned do hereby give notice, that we have formed ourselves into a society for the more speedy and effectual apprehending and prosecuting, at our joint expense, persons of every description who shall commit any Felony or Larceny upon or against any of our persons or properties within the parish of Sedgley and its vicinity, and also the Aiders, Abettors or Accessories of such offenders; and for effecting the above purposes, we have raised a subscription fund, and we do hereby offer the following rewards to any Person or Persons by whose information and evidence such Felons and Offenders shall be convicted of the following offences:

For burglary, Highway or Footpad robbery, stealing or maiming any horse, mare, gelding or colt, or wilfully setting fire to any building or effects 10. 10s. 0d

Stealing or maiming horned cattle, sheep, lambs, pigs or receiving stolen goods. 5. 5s. 0d

Stealing turkeys, geese or other poultry or stealing or damaging any carriage, plough or other implements of husbandry or any iron or lead affixed to any messuage, outhouse or gate, or stealing corn (threshed or unthreshed) or any grass, hay or straw or fodder 3. 3s. 0d

For stealing or wilfully damaging any gates, posts, rails, hedges, trees or other property belonging to any member of the Association 1. 1s. 0d

And for any other offence not above mentioned, such reward as the committee shall think proper. Any toll gate keeper giving information whereby any offender shall be convicted shall receive from the treasurer for such information 1. 1s. 0d

Members included:
John Cartwright - Oak Hill Farm.
John Parkes - Gornal.
Thomas Cartwright - Gornal.
Thomas Hughes - Coppice.
Rev.Thomas Tysan - Sedgley.
Joseph Beddard - Sedgley Lodge.
Edward Sheldon - Fulwoods End.
Daniel Hughes Junior - Coppice.
George Jenkins - Sedgley.
Thomas Baker - Sedgley.
Benjamin Johnson - Cinderhill.
Abraham Growcutt - Fullwoods End.
Francis Whitehouse - Ettingshall.
George Jones - Sedgley Hall.
Mary Waterhouse - Can Lane.
Moses Hughes - Wallbrook.
Prudence Law - Cotwallend.
Abel Fletcher - Sedgley.
Zacharias Guest - Dibdale Bank.
Jeremiah Parker - Gornal.
John Ellis - Sedgley.
John Ritson - Roberts Green.
John & Benjamin Caswell - Cotwallend.
Thomas Sheldon - Sedgley.
Joseph Webster Brown - Gornal.
Thomas Fereday - Gospelend.
Henry Baker - Sedgley.
Joseph Baker - White Lion.
John Hall - Gornal.
David Hill - Foxyards.
Henry Smith - Gornal.
Isaac Timmins - Gornal.
Sarah Browne - Wood Farm.
Simeon Round - Commonside.
John Beddard - Straits.
William Jinks - Deepfields.
William Harris - Sedgley.
William Waterfield - Gornal.
John Jukes - Old Park, Gornal.
Henry Haden - Sedgley.
John Fereday - Sedgley.
Paul Russell - Gornalwood.
Zacharias Mason - Woodsetton.
Daniel Hughes - Coppice.
James Page - Foxyards.
Matthew Frost - Bilston.
Isaiah Salt - Sedgley.
William Harris - Wallbrook.
Thomas Shaw - Perrys Mill.


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