"Sedgley & District"

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Trevor Genge
Trevor Genge
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"Sedgley & District,
A Second Selection"

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"Sedgley & District,
A Third Selection"

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"Sedgley, Coseley and
the Gornals"

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"Sedgley & District,
a Fifth Selection"

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E. A. Underhill. "The Story of the Ancient Manor of Sedgley" published by the author, 1942, 525 pp. (The standard history but it is badly organised, out of date and often inaccurate. The briefest of indexes has been added, Not suitable for children. Its primary use is as a source book).
F. W. Hackwood. "Sedgley Researches" Printed by Herald Press. 1898, 126 pp. (Arranged chronologically, it still remains a collection of researches. Dated, and sometimes inaccurate the index, though full is still selective).
G. Chandler. "Dudley" Published by Batsford, 1949, 208 pp. (Useful for the history of the relationship with Dudley).
Ron Baker. "A Pictorial History of Sedgley" Many excellent sketches and drawings of the Sedgley area. Mr Baker was a Bespoke Ladies and Gentlemen's tailor who had 5 shops in the area. Now retired he is still renowned as a local historian and artist.
Sedgley Parish Register, 1558 - 1604.Staffordshire Parish Register Society 1940-41, 381 pp. (Original Source material)
John S. Roper. "Sedgley Probate Inventories 1614 - 1787", Dudley Public Libraries) Details of local wills and inventories taken at death of personal possessions. (Useful for details)
Eric Chitham. "The Black Country" Longman 1972. 184 pp. (The most up to date history of the area, useful for a general background)
BC Nail trade book
Arthur Willets. "The Black Country Nail Trade" Dudley Metropolitan Borough 1987. 34 pp. History of the nail making trade in Bromsgrove and the Black Country. ISBN No. 0 900911 21 2
F. Andrew Barnett "Barnett's History of Sedgley" Published by Lanesfield Primary School, Wolverhampton 1992 Edited by Trevor Genge
F. Andrew Barnett "A History of Lower Gornal" Published by Dudley Teachers Centre 1975

 A great deal of original materials such as maps, documents, photographs and newspaper cuttings, are available for reference use at :

Dudley Archives and Local History Service
Mount Pleasant Street
West Midlands, WV14 9JR

Website: Dudley Metropolitan Borough

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