Sedgley Pub poem

Many thanks to Dorothy Aitcheson for this very interesting piece of Sedgley history.

Dorothy states that "This poem about Sedgley Pubs was told to me by a Mrs V Mills in 1975; it was taught to her by her mother, so was well over a hundred years old then. I had it published in the B.C.bugle in 1977."

My White Horse, shall bite The Lion
and make The Old Swan fly,
shall turn The Court House inside out,
and drink The Junction dry,

I can tie him to The Stump,
he is worth more than The Crown,
he can toss The Pig and tup The Bull
if he is on equal ground,

He will then put out The Beacon lights
and cut The White Lion's mane,
and off he'll rush unto The Bush,
and leave The Stars to blink in vain.

The Stump is the Mount Pleasant and all the pubs were in and around the Bullring. It was also written in the local Sedgley historical magazine, I hope it interest you, Dorothy Aitcheson.

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