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Civic Arms of Dudley

Dudley Civic Blazon

Additions : 1975 : Stourbridge, Sedgley, Coseley, Brierly Hill, Halesowen

Origin & meaning :

The arms include many elements from the arms of the older councils. The chevron was part of the arms of Stourbridge and Coseley. The pears are taken from the Stourbridge arms. The fountain (roundel) are taken from Brierly Hill and represents the ancient fords in the manor of Kingswinword. The chain is taken from the Stourbridge and Halesowen arms and represents the chain, nail and anchor making industries.
The upper part of the shield contains two lions taken from the Halesowen arms, the salamander in the base is taken from the old Dudley arms. It symbolises the metal working industry. The fired beacons held by the lions are taken from the arms of Coseley and Brierley Hill and allude to local industries.

The crest is mainly taken from the Sedgley and Coseley arms (Sedgley Beacon tower). The roses refer to the briars once common in the area and from which Brierley Hill derives its name. The Stafford knot refers to Staffordshire.

The supporters are a Canon of the Premonstratensian Abbey in Halesowen, and an angel taken from the arms of the Earls of Dudley.

Image and information provided by the Dudley Council


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