1844 Tithe Map of Sedgley

Kindly supplied by David Harrison and Paul Wakelam

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Further information from Christine Buckley

This is a tracing from the tithe map. There are maps covering much more of the ancient parish - I haven't actually seen all of them, so can't say they cover the lot, and some could be in Wolverhampton for the areas now in that metropolitan borough. You also need the Tithe Award to understand them fully. The original tithe maps don't have the field names on them; only the reference number that links them to the tithe award. The actual tithe maps (in Dudley Archives) might give supplementary information.

Tithe maps are generally much larger, more detailed and to scale, and you need the 'apportionment' or 'award' to get full info. They covered most of the country, and date to the 1830s and 1840s because of legislation to 'commute' tithes. They haven't always survived, although Sedgley (not just the central village) is pretty well covered, as far as I know. The one for Coseley may well be in Wolverhampton archives, as much of Coseley is now within that metropolitan borough. Listers need to be aware of on-line archive catalogues (much of it is now in Access to Archives - A2A) and archive websites. The various record offices are generally very obliging in answering e-mail queries about what's where.

For researches in the eastern part of the ancient parish of Sedgley, it's useful to learn about the dates and changes to urban district authorities - most of Coseley went with Bilston into Coseley Urban District (referred to on e.g. the Alan Godfrey 1900-ish OS map reprints), mid 1850s I think, and in the reorganization of 1974 much of Coseley went into Wolverhampton, along with Bilston.

Books on locations of tithe maps have been compiled and should be available at large libraries. Information about how legislation and record-keeping have a bearing on local and family history research can be found in the kind of book I've mentioned before (e.g. Oxford Companion to Local and Family History, Family and Local History Handbook published by the Genealogical Services Directory). There are loads more sources beyond censuses, registers and civil registration.

1844 Tithe Map


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