Kelly's 1896 Trade Directory
for the Sedgley District

©Transcibed by Ian Beach June 2004

See also Kelly's 1896 Directory for the Coseley township


SEDGLEY is an extensive parish on the road from Dudley to Wolverhampton, 1½ miles south-west from Deepfields station on the Birmingham and Wolverhampton section of the London and North Western railway, and 2½ from Daisy Bank station on the Dudley and Wolverhampton line of the Great Western railway, 3 south-south-west from Bilston, 3 north from Dudley, 3 south from Wolverhampton, 11½ north-west from Birmingham and 124 from London, and is the head of a petty sessional division, in the South division of the parliamentary borough of Wolverhampton, North Seisdon hundred, Kingswinford division of the county, Dudley union and county court district, rural deanery of Himley, archdeaconry of Stafford and diocese of Lichfield.

The upper portion of the parish of Sedgley adopted the "Local Government Act, 1858," May 28, 1867, and was governed by a Local Board until, under the provisions of the "Local Government Act, 1894 " (56 & 57 Vict. cap. 73), the present Urban District Council was established ; the remaining portion is included in Coseley urban district.

The South Staffordshire Water Works Company supply the inhabitants with water.

All Saints' church, erected in 1829 on the site of an ancient edifice at a cost of £11,000, wholly defrayed by the late Earl of Dudley, is a building of stone in the Decorated style, consisting of clerestoried nave of six bays, aisles, west porch and an embattled tower on the south side, with pinnacles and spire and containing a clock and 8 bells: the east window and five in the north aisle are stained : the church was partially restored and reseated in 1883 at a cost of £1,032, and has 850 sittings. The register dates from the year 1558. The living is a vicarage, average tithe rent-charge £329, net yearly value, £380, with 7 acres of glebe and residence, in the gift, of the Earl of Dudley, and held since 1888 by the Rev. Thomas Greenall Swindell, of Charsley's Hall, Oxford, and surrogate.

There are Church of England mission churches at the Straits, Gospel End and Swan Village, the latter belonging to the parish of St.Chads, West Coseley. Here is also a Catholic chapel erected in 1823 and dedicated to All Saints, and Wesleyan, Primitive Methodist and Congregational chapels.

The Public Hall was erected in 1882 at a cost of £1,500 and is available for entertainments, public meetings &c. The Temperance Hall, built in 1871, at a cost of £1,200, comprises reading rooms, with a library of 400 volumes, and an assembly room capable of seating 1,000 persons.

Nails, rivets, chains, fireirons, locks and iron safes are made here. The district abounds in coal, lime and ironstone. The charities amount to about £36 yearly, together with a weekly dole of bread to the poor. Miss Fellowes's charity of £400 is also for the poor. The Earl of Dudley is lord of the manor and principal landowner. The parish for local purposes is divided into Sedgley and Coseley. Sedgley includes the villages of SEDGLEY, UPPER and LOWER GORNAL, COTWALL END and GOSPEL END, and Coseley the districts of ETTINGSHALL, BRIERLEY, COSELEY, DEEPFIELDS and WOODSETTON, with SWAN VILLAGE.

The soil is a rich loam, and the subsoil sand and gravel. The chief crops are wheat and barley. The area of the entire parish is 7,400 acres ; rateable value, £98,572 ; the population of Sedgley civil parish in 1881 was 36,860 and of All Saints ecclesistical parish, 4,327; the population of Sedgley urban district in 1891 was 14,961

Upper and Lower Gornal are about 2 miles north-west from Dudley and 1 mile south from Sedgley, forming two separate ecclesiastical parishes, taken out of Sedgley civil parish, Upper Gornal district being formed April 16, 1844; and Lower Gornal, March 13, 1832. The church of St. Peter, Upper Gornal, is a plain building of stone, in the Perpendicular style, consisting of chancel and nave. and a western turret containing one bell : there are 375 sittings. The register dates from the year 1844. The living is a vicarage, gross yearly value £217, net £206, including 24 acres of glebe, with residence, in the gift of the vicar of Sedgley, and held since 1867 by the Rev. William Alfred Howell Lewis B.A. Of St. John's College, Cambridge. The church of St. James, Lower Gornal, is a plain building of stone, in the Early English style, consisting of chancel, nave, aisles, north porch and a tower containing one bell : there are 700 sittings, 500 being free. The register dates from the year 1823. The living is a vicarage, gross yearly value £300, net £280, with 9 acres of plebe and residence, in the gift of the Bishop of Lichfield, and held since 1897 by the Rev. Arthur William Tudball B.A. of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. In Upper Gornal are Wesleyan, New Connexion Methodist and Congregational chapels ; in Lower Gornal, Baptist, Primitive Methodist, Wesleyan and a New Connexion Methodist chapel.

The locality abounds in fire clay, which is wrought into bricks and other fire goods, giving employment to a large number of hands : the principal manufacturers are E. P. Cartwright and Co. and John Waterfield, of Upper Gornal, and B. Gibbons, of Lower Gornal. Here are also collieries, safe, nail, chain, fireiron and bellows manufactories and malthouses. The population in 1891, of St. Peter, Upper Gornal, was 4,506, and that of St. James, Lower Gornal, 6,518.

Woodsetton is a village, about 1 mile south of Sedgley, 2 miles west of Tipton and 3 miles north from Dudley, including SWAN VILLAGE.

POST, M. O. & T. O., S. B., Express Delivery & Annuity & Insurance Office, Bilston street.-John William Bourne, sub-postmaster.
Letters received from Dudley 7 a.m. & 2.40 p.m. ; dispatched at 9.45 a.m. & 7.10 & 7.45 pm & on sundays at 9.40 a.m. & 7.15 p.m

POST & M. O. O., S. B. & Annuity & Insurance Office, Upper Gornal.- William Henry Waterfield, sub-post- master.
Letters received from Dudley at 6.25 & 2.20 p.m.; dispatched at 10 a.m. & 7.30 p.m. & on sundays at 10 a.m. & 7.45 p.m. Lower Gornal is the nearest telegraph office

POST, M. O. & T. O., S. B., Express Delivery & Annuity & InsuranceOffice, Lower Gornal.-Joseph Williams Thomas, sub-postmaster.
Letters from Dudley arrive at 7 a.m. & 2.30 p.m. ; dispatched at 9.40 a.m. & 7.5 p.m. ; sundays, 9.15 a.m

POST & M. O. 0., S. B. & Annuity & Insurance Office, Gornal Wood.-Joshua Jones, sub-postmaster. Box cleared 8.30 a m. & 6.40 p.m. Lower Gornal is the nearest telegraph office.

POST OFFICE, Wood,etton.-Jubal Smith, sub-postmaster. Letters from Dudley at 7.15 a.m. ; dispatched at 6.55 p.m. Postal orders are issued here, but not paid. Nearest money order & telegraph office, Bilston street, Sedgley

WALL LETTER BOX, Swan Village, cleared at 6.30 p.m

URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. Offices, High Holborn. Meeting day, second tuesday at 6 p.m.

Chairman, Stephen Wilkes.
Edward Bennett
John T. Homer
Joseph Brown
Herbert Hughes
William F. Fithern
John Hughes
Leonard Foster
Joseph Hyde
James A. Fullwood
Alfred H. Pearcey
William Henry Haden
William Smith
John Harvey
John T. Tennant
Joseph Higgins
Samuel Westwood
Joseph Hill
Edward Wones
Frederick A. Homer
Clerk, Joseph Smith, Bunker's Hill
Treasurer, G. Wilkinson, Lloyds Bank, Dudley
Medical Officer of Health, John Biggam M.A., M.D., C.M. Prospect house, Upper Gornal
Surveyor, Benjamin Hughes, Upper Gornal
Sanitary Inspector, Thomas Fithern, Upper Gornal
Collector, William H. Wise, Lower Gornal


Whitehouse Benjamin esq. Sandy fields, Sedgley, Dudley, chairman
Cartwright Joseph Round esq. Ludstone hall, Bridgnorth
Clayton Richard, Coseley Hall, Bilston
Gibbons John Lloyd esq. Ellows hall, Lower Gornal, Dudley
Homer Frederick Augustus esq. The Villa, Sedgley, Dudley
Wilkes Stephen esq. Sedgley hall, Dudley
Clerk to the Magistrates,Thos.Fras. Waterhouse,Tipton rd

Petty Sessions are held at the Police court every alternate monday by the county magistrates, at 2 o'clock, the stipendiary (N. C. A. Neville esq.) sitting other mondays
at 12. The following places are included in the division - Sedgley, Upper Gornal, Lower Gornal, Coseley, Woodsetton & Ettingshall

County Police Station, Vicar street, Sergeant John George Leadbotter & 7 constables


Certifying Factory Surgeon, Augustus Francis Meredith Powell M.B., CM. Bleak house, Dudley road
Collector of District Bates for Coseley, Albert James Sherwin, Hurst hill
Medical Officers, Dudley union,
Sedgley No. 1 district, Augustus Francis Meredith Powell M.B., CM. Bleak house, Dudley road ;
Sedgley No. 2 district, Thomas Johnson LRCP.Edin. Woodsetton
Public Vaccinators, Dudley union, Lower Sedgley district, Thomas Johnson LRCP.Edin.Woodsetton ;Upper
Sedgley district, Augustus Frederick Meredith Powell M.B., C.M. Bleak house, Dudley road
Poor Rate Collector, Robert Pugh, Gospel End street
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages, John William Thompson, Bull ring
Relieving Officer, Sedgley 1st district, Dudley union, Edward Gilbert Dickinson, 11 Tipton street
Vestry Clerk, Joseph Smith, Bunkor's hill

PLACES OF WORSHIP, with times of Services :-
All Saints' Church, Rev. Thomas Greenall Swindell ; 8 & 11 a.m. 3 & 6.30 p.m. ; wed. & fri. i10 a.m. ; mon. wed. & fri. 7.30 p.m
St. Peter's, Upper Gornal, Rev. W. A. H. Lewis B.A. ; 7.30& 10 a.m. & 6 p.m. ; thurs. 7.30 p.m
St. James', Lower Gornal, Rev. Arthur William Tudball B.A. ; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m. ; wed. 7.30 p.m
All Saints', Catholic, Dudley road, Rev. John Kelly, priest ; mass 8.30 & 10.45 a. m. ; catechism & instruction 3 & devotions, sermon & benediction 6.30 p.m. ; holy days
of obligation, mass 7.30 & 9.30 a.m. & devotions 7.30 p.m. ; daily mass 8 & (except mondays) at 9 a.m. ; wed.& 1st fri. rosary & benediction 7 3o a.m
Baptist, Lower Gornal, 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m
Congregational, Bilston Street, Rev.A. Hollings; 10:45 a.m.& 6.15 p.m. ; thurs. 7.30 p.m
Congregational, Upper Gornal, Rev. Edward Hughes ; 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m. ; wed. 7 p.m
Methodist New Connexion, Upper Gornal, 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m. ; tues. 7 p.m
Methodist New Connexion, Swan Village, 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m. ; thurs. 7 p.m
Methodist New Connexion, Lower Gornal, 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m. ; tues. 7 p.m
Methodist New Connexion, Gornal Wood, 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m. ; thurs. 7 p.m
PrimitiveMethodist,Tipton rd; 10:30 a m. & 6p.m. ; wed.7pm
Wesleyan, Bilston street, 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m.; tues.7.30p.m
Wesleyan, Lower Gornal, 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m. ; toes. 7 p m
Wesleyan, Upper Gornal, 10.30a.m. & 6 p.m. ; toes, 7. p,rn
Wesleyan, Woodsetton, 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m. ; wed. 7 p.m

Straits, 6.30 p.m
Gospel End, 6.30 p.m

A School Board of 11 members was formed May 23, 1876;
A. E. Greenway,Church road, Coseley,clerk to the board ; William Lane, High Holborn & Thomas Taylor, Mount Pleasant, school attendance officers.
The board meets at the parish offices, High Holborn, every third tuesday, at 6 p.m. & has jurisdiction over the whole of Sedgley parish Board,
Bilston street (mixed & infants), erected in 1861 & enlarged in 1878, for 165 children & 202 infants ; average attendance, 165 children & 147 infants; Jeremiah P. Lester, master ; Miss Martha Barrett, infants' mistress

Board, Dudley road (boys, girls & infants), erected in 1823, for 296 boys & girls & 90 infants ; average attendance, 140 boys, 131 girls & 95 infants ; Edwin Westwood, master ; Miss Jane Jones, mistress ; Miss Keziah Rushton ; infants' mistress

Board, Upper Gornal (mixed & infants), erected in 2883, for 225 children & 230 infants ; average attendance, 227 children & 229 infants ; James Henry Walker, master ; Miss Alice Weeks, mistress

Board, Red Hall, Lower Gornal (boys, girls & infants), erected in 1894, for 50o boys & girls & 210 infants ; average attendance, 309 boys, 235 girls & 270 infants; Joseph
Westwood, master; Miss Willetts, girls' & Miss Taylor, infants' mistress

Board, Red Hall (mixed), erected in 1890, for 280 children ; average attendance, 110 ; Miss Harris, mistress

National, Upper Gornal (mixed & infants), for 190 children& l00 infants ; average attendance, 152 children & 69 infants ; Alfred John Johncock, master ; Miss Clara Wild,

Catholic, Dudley road (mixed & infants), erected in 1875 & enlarged in 1887, for 210 children ; average attendance, 1x6o ; Mrs. Mary Bagnall, mistress

British, Upper Gornal (mixed & infants), erected in 1780 for 210 children & 100 infants ; average attendance, 99 children & 50 infants ; Jeremiah Felding, master ; Miss
Mary Brazier, mistress

CONVEYANCE.- The cars of the Wolverhampton & Dudley section of the South Staffordshire Tramway Co. run through here at frequent intervals daily


Allen William, Dudley road
Blew Mrs. Dudley road
Bradley The Misses, High street
Brown Joseph, Priory
Caddick Joseph, Dudley road
Cartwright Jonah, Bilston street
Cartwright Mrs. Dudley road
Chinn Rev. William B.A. [curate of Parish church], Priory
Clews Robert, Park hall
Colbourn John, The Ferns
Cox Miss, Tipton street
Cox Thomas, Dudley street
Edwards Rev. Edward Lloyd M.A. [gen. lie. Lichfield diocese], High street
Ellis Miss, High street
Farnworth William, Manor house
Fowler William Henry, The Limes
Fullwood Arthur, Furlong house
Fulwood Isaac, High Holborn
Gorton Mrs. The Furlongs
Haden William Henry, gospel end
Hickman Alfred W. Goldthorne bill
Hickman John, Rock cott. Gospel end
Hickman Joseph, Gospel end
Hickman Mrs. Gospel end
Hollings Rev. Alfred [Cong.], Turles st
Homer Fredk. Augustus jp. The Villa
Homer Thomas Keeling, Townsend house
Howarth John, Ettymore road
Hughes Frederick, Tiptonroad
Jones Thomas, Ettymore lane
Kelly Rev. John [Catholic]
Millington Joseph, Goldthorne hilt
Nayler Lieut-Col. Edward, Cotwall end
Nayler William, Cotwall end
Perry Miss, High street
Powell Agustus Francis Meridith, Bleak house, Dudley Rd
Rogers Mrs. The Villa, Goldthorne hill
Sanders William Harris, Hurst hill
Sankey Mrs. Goldthorne house, Goldthorne hill
Smith Joseph, Bunker's hill
Swindell Rev. Thos. Greenall, Vicarage
Thompson Henry, Hickmere lands
Thorne George Rennie, The Gorge
Turley James, Dudley road
Wainwright James Haden, Gospel end
Walmsley Mrs. High Holborn
Walton Joseph Thomas, Goldthorne hill
Waterhouse Thomas, Woodsetton lodge
Whitehouse Benjamin jp. Sandy fields
Wilkes Stephen jp. Sedgley hall
Wilkes Stephen Henry, Springfield cott
Williams Thos. Vale ho. Goldthorne hill
Williams William, High street



Adams David, greengrocer, Dudley st
Baker Edward. lime burner, Bilston st
Baker Eliza (Miss), shopkpr. Bilston st
Bourne John William, grocer, Post office, Bilston street
Bradley John, commercial trav. Priory
Zebulon, fancy repos. Bull ring
Cadman John Richard, Red Lion P.H.. High street
Cadman Jonathan, butcher, Dean st
Cartwright Edward Parkes, maltster, Tipton street
Cartwright Philip, hairdressr. Dudley st
Caswell Alfred, White Lion P.H. Bilston st
Cooper Henry Edwin, tailor, Bilston st
County Police Station (John George Leadbotter, sergeant), Vicar street
Cox Stephen & Son,safe mkrs. Dudley rd
Davies Elizh. (Mrs.), shopkpr. Castle st
Dickinson Edward Gilbert, relieving officer, Sedgley district, Dudley union,
Dudley Co-operative Society (branch)
(Mrs. Jane Parkin, manageress), Bull ring
Eggington Hannah (Miss), shopkeeper,
Eggington John, chemist, High street
Eggington Walter, plumber & painter,
Fletcher Horatio, grocer, High street
Foster Thomas, grocer & nail manufacturer, Tipton street
Foster Thomas, inland revenue officer
Fox John Conway, butcher, Bull ring
Goodman John, shopkeeper, Bilston st
Hadon James, shoe maker, Bilston st
Harper Jabez,fire iron ma.Gospel End st
Hickman Hy.farmer,Wolverharnpton rd
Hickman John, farmer & timber dealer,
Hill William, Pig & Whistle P.H. High st
Hilton John,builder & contrctr.Bull ring
Holborn Stephen, shoe maker, Vicar st
Holtom George, beer retailer, Gate st
Holton George & Co. iron safe makers
Hunt William & Sons, chemical manufacturers, Lee brook
Huxley Jn. tobacconist, 6 High Holborn
Johnson Henry, beer retailer, High st
Jones John & Sons, bldrs. Ettymore la
Jones Charles, coal dealer, Bilston st
Jones Henry, Court House commercial hotel, wines & cigars of best brands,
Jones Thomas, grocer, Bull ring
Jones William, blacksmith, Dudley st
Lane Thomas, Old Bush P.H
Lane William, school attendance officer,
Law Gregory, tailor, High street
Law Stephen, farmer, Cottwall end
Marsh George, butcher, Dudley street
Marsh Thomas, butcher, High Holborn
Martin Joseph, grocer, Bilston street
Morgan Henry, nail maker, Castle st
Naylor William, iron mer. Cotwall end
Osborne Jas. Leopold P.H.. Dudley road
Parry Elisha, tailor, Priory
Parry Frank, Crown P.H. High street
Parry James, carter, High street
Perks Hy. shopkeeper, Gospel End st


COMMERCIAL continued...

Pinches Arthur, plmbr. & paintr. Priory
Porter Samuel, Grand Junction P.H. High Holborn
Porter William, grocer, Bilston street
Powell Agustus Francis Meredith M.B CM Edin surgeon, & medical officer & public vaccinator, Sedgley No.1
district Dudley union, certifying factory surgeon, & police surgeon for Sedgley district, Bleak ho. Dudley rd
Price Sarh.(Mrs.),shpkpr.12 High Holborn
Prophett John, grocer, High street
Prowry Benjamin, coal dealer, high st
Pugh Robert, poor rate & tax collector, Gospel End street
Richards Joseph, Beacon P.H. Bilston st
Rickers William, blacksmith & beer retailer, Bull ring
Roden Francis, shopkpr. Gospel End st
Sheldon Elizabeth (Mrs.), Seven Stars P.H. Gospel End St
Sinner George, contractr. Ettymore la
Slater Phoebe (Mrs.), shopkpr. High st
Smith Joseph, vestry clerk & clerk to urban district council, Bunker's hill
Taylor Thomas, school attendance officer, Mount Pleasant
Thompson Jane (Mrs.), haberdasher, High Holborn
Thompson John William, chemist & druggist, registrar of births, marriages & deaths & vaccination officer for Dudley sub-district, Bull ring
Thompson Thos.Bull's Head P.H.Bilston st.
Tomes John, pawnbroker, Gospel End st
Volunteer Battalion (3rd) South Staffordshire Regiment (F Co. ; Captain William Haden, commandant)
Wainwright James Haden, mining agent, Gospel end
Wallens Ellen (Mrs.), Swan P.H. Gospel End street
Walters Jn.Fras.shopkpr. Gospel End st
Ward Robert, farmer, Hurst hill
Waterhouse & Son, solicitors, Tipton rd
Waterhouse Thomas, solicitor, see Waterhouse & Son
Waterhouse Thomas Francis (firm, Waterhouse & Son), solicitor & clerk to the magistrates
Wilkes Stephen, nail mannfr. Castle st
Williams Jn. Chemist & grocer, Bilston st

LOWER GORNAL - Private Residenses

Cartwright Edward Parkes, Ruiton st
Evans John, High Areal
Gould Thomas William, Dalton
Guest Thomas, Temple street
Jones William, Lake house
Passmore Thomas, Straits
Tudball Rev. Arthur Wm. B.A. Vicarage
Waterfield John
Wones Edward, Straits hall

LOWER GORNAL - Commercial

Addenbrooke Mary (Mrs.), haberdasher
Aston Enoch, shopkeeper
Bailey Alfred H. agent to the Earl of Dudley, Straits
Baker Edward, phopkeeper
Baker Richard, beer retailer
Bassett Wm.linen draper & iron founder
Bate Rd.Horse & Jockey P.H. Dibsdale bnk
Bate Thomas, Cross Keys P.H
Beardmore David, farmer
Beardmore James, shopkeeper
Beddard James, ironmonger
Beddard John, ironmonger
Bennett Edward, chartermaster
Bennett Joseph, shoe maker
Bowyer Joseph, butcher
Bradley & Flavell, safe makers
Bradley Emanuel, Old Bull's Head P.H.& butcher
Bradley Francis, shopkeeper
Bradley John, White Chimneys P.H
Brecknall Wm. Henry, Red Cow P.H
Burrows John, shopkeeper
Cash William, grocer
Caswell John, farmer, Straits
Clark Samuel, fruiterer
Collins Saml.Jn. brick ma. & shopkeeper
Collins Thomas, shopkeeper
Collins William, grocer
Cox Benj, shopkeeper & boot maker
Cox John, greengrocer
Cox Samuel, hair dresser

LOWER GORNAL - Commercial continued...

Dando Jsph.chartermstr.Cooper's brook
Dando Noah, farmer, Straits
Dudley Co-operative Society (branch) (Richard Emmings, manager)
Dukes Simeon, baker
Evans Charles, Miners' Arms P.H
Fellows James, shopkeeper
Fisher Daniel, shopkeeper
Flavel David, shopkeeper
Fox Thomas, beer retailer
Gibbons B. jun. fire clay & brick works
Gould Thomas William Dalton, solicitor
Greenaway James, shopkeeper
Greenaway John, beer retailer
Griffin Hannah (Mrs.), farmer
Griffiths Joel, grocer
Hale Rowland, shopkeeper
Harris Jane (Mrs.), fruiterer
Hickman Daniel, grocer
Hickman Emanuel, greengrocer
Hickman Enoch, Bricklayers' Arms P.H. Straits
Hickman Enoch, greengrocer
Hill & Jones, general dealers
Hughes Herbert, contractor
Hyde John, shopkeeper
Hyde Joseph, shopkeeper
Jevon Ann (Mrs.), Fiddler's Arms P.H. & farmer
Jones Isaac, Limerick P.H
Jones John, boot maker
Jones John, Woodman P.H
Jones Wm, general dir. see Hill & Jones
Kensey James, furniture dealer
Law Joseph, farmer
Lester Arthur, beer retailer
Malpass Hannah (Mrs.), fruiterer
Malpass Thomas, Red Lion P.H
Marsh Dan, butcher, Ruiton street
Marsh Elisha, beer retailer
Marsh Isaac, shoe maker
Marsh Joseph, shoe maker
Marsh Richard, beer retailer
Marson John, nail manufacturer
Millington Marv (Mrs.), draper & shopkpr
Morris Mary (Mrs.), Bush P.H
Morse Eli, baker & grocer
Moss Samuel, painter &c
Newey & Glaze, coal masters, Straits
Newey John, coal master
Oakley Edward, tailor
Oakley Henry, blacksmith
Oliver A. J. grocer
Parish William, butcher & beer retailer
Parks William, carter
Patterson Alex. Waggon & Horses P.H
Payton John, beer retailer & shopkeepr
Pugh George, draper
Ratcliff Edward, bookseller & stationer
Raybould John, shopkeeper
Salter Happy (Mrs.), draper
Sedgley Gas Co. (Geo. Hancock, mngr)
Shaw Wm. Hy. pawnbroker & grocer
Simmons Charles, shopkeeper
Smith Joseph, greengrocer
Smith Richard, shopkeeper
Taylor Louisa Caroline (Miss),pawnbrkr
Tennant John Thomas, tailor & draper
Thomas Jsph. Will iam s, druggist, Post off
Tighe John, shopkeeper
Tomlinson Joseph, greengrocer
Turner Fanny (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Turner John, butcher
Turner Richard, butcher
Villiers John, blacksmith
Waterfield Jn. mining agnt. Deepdale cot
Waterfield Jsph. Horton, Five Ways P.H
Waterfield Lydia (Mrs.), New inn,
Webb Emma (Mrs.), Old Ford P.H
Westwood Edward, grocer
Wise William H. collector to urban district council & of highway rates
Worton John, builder


UPPER GORNAL - Private Residenses

Biggam John M.A., M.D. Prospect house
Cartwright Miss, The Hill
Fellows Stephen, Hill house
Foster Leonard, The Quarries
Howl Edmund, The Quarries
Howl Mrs. The Quarries
Howl Oliver, High Arcle
Hughes Rev. Edward (Cong), Ruiton
Hughes William Meredith, The Mount
Lewis Rev. William Alfred Howell B.A.vicar], Vicarage
Gibbons John Lloyd j .p. The Ellowes Hall, Ruiton
Gibbons William, Pike Ruiton house
Smith Mrs. West view

UPPER GORNAL - Commercial.

Addenbrook Joseph, grocer
Allen Hannah (Mrs.), Miners'Arms P.H.
Allen William, haberdasher
Ashcroft Alfred, coal dealer, Ruiton
Ashcroft John, shopkeeper, Ruiton
Ashcroft Thos. (Mrs.), shopkpr. Ruiton
Bennett Reuben, Jolly Crispin P.H.
Biggam John M.A., M.D., C.M. surgeon,& medical officer of health for Sedgley urban district council, Prospect house
Bodenham & Sons, grocers
Bodenham Edwd. wheelwright & beer ret
Bradley Frederick, draper
Bruce David, shopkeeper
Bunn Job, druggist
Cartwright E. P. & Co. fire brick mnfrs
Cartwright William, mal tster & beer ret
Clarke Isaac, Horse Shoe P.H
Clarke John, shopkeeper
Clarke Joseph Turley, builder
Cook Obadiah, boot maker, Ruiton
Davies Job, sand merchant
Davies John, boot & shoe maker
Dudley Co-operative Society (William Knight, manager)
Fellows Stephen Wilks, nail maker
Fithern Thomas, sanitary inspector to
Sedgley urban district council
Fones Thomas, boot maker, Ruiton
Fox Thomas, The Crown P.H
Greenway Thomas, metal dealer, Ruiton
Great Enoch, pork butcher
Guest Sarah (Mrs.), grocer
Harper Henry, stone merchant
Harper Joseph, beer retailer, Ruiton
Hartland Henry, builder & stone mer
Holton Joseph, White Lion P.H
Hughes Benj. surveyor to Sedgley urban district council
Hughes Rowland, Limerick P.H
Jenkins Charles, hairdresser
Jones Richard, shopkeeper
Lee Anthony, tailor & beer retailer
Leek Edmond & Son, bellows makers
Lees Benjamin Fellews,carter& shopkpr
Lees Jsph. Fellows,shopkpr.& pawnbrkr
Marsh Dan, Bull & Butcher P.H. & butcher, Ruiton
Marsh Mary (Mrs.), Horse;& Jockey ip.H
Marsh William, butcher
Moss Arthur, Painters' Arms P.H
Oakley Daniel, shopkeeper
Perry Henry, Britannia P.H. & butcher
Polton John, grocer
Pugh James, shopkeeper
Raybould Joseph, shopkeeper
Raybould Josiah, grocer
Sheward Samuel, farmer
Stanley William, butcher
Turley John (Mrs.), lime burner
Underhill Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Waterfield John, fire brick maker
Waterfield John, Green Dragon P.u
Waterfield Joseph Horton, sand mer
Waterfield Wm. Hy. shopkpr. Post office
Wotton Thomas, shopkeeper & builder
Weilings Geo.blacksmith & wheelwright
Wellings Joseph, haberdasher
Williams Henry & Brothers, stone merchants, Ruiton
Williams Edward, jun. saddler
Williams Emma (Mrs.), metal dealer & brass founder
Williams John, shopkeeper
Williams Joseph, beer retailer, Ruiton
Wise John, Duke William P.H. Ruiton

WOODSETTON - Private Residnses

Bent Herbert
Bent John
Caswell John
Colbourn Alfred, Tipton road
Foster William
Foster William Arthur
Hughes Frederick
Jeff James
Johnson Thomas L.RC.P.Edin
Latham Stephen, Swan village
Mobberley William
Mould Mrs
Parkes Benjamin
Parkes Joseph
Peak Michael, Rye villa
Round Mrs. Parke's hall
Smith John Granger
Taylor Thomas
Wones John
Wones Mrs

WOODSETTON - Commercial

Ashmore Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper,Swan village
Bate William, Swan P.H. Swan village
Bent Herbt.inland rev.officr. Swan villge
Bissell Simeon, shopkeepr. Swan village
Colbourn Geo.boot & shoe dlr.Swan villge
Crofts David, bricklayer, Swan village
Cross John, shopkeeper, Swan village
Dawes Mary (Mrs.),recreation grounds,Parke's hall
Edwards William, painter & plumber,Swan village
Flavell Betsey(Mrs.),shpkpr.Swanvillge
Flavell Eliza (Mrs.), shpk p H. Parke's hall
Flavell Jn.British Queen P.H Parke's hall
Foster John, shopkeeper, Swan village
Foster Leonard, maltster
Foster William, coal master
Foster William Arthur, solicitor
Grainger Jas. blacksmith, Swan village
Hampton Abraham, beer retailer
Hobson David, grocer, Swan village
Jeavons Horace Walter, boot & shoe dealer, Swan village
Johnson Thomas L.R.c.P.Edin. physician & surgeon, & medical officer, Sedgley No. 2 district, & public vaccinator Lower Sedgley district, Dudley union
Latham Stephn. coal mastr. Open works
Mills Eliza (Mrs.),shopkpr. Swan village
Mills Thomas, cattle dealer
Naydon Alfd. pawnbroker, Swan village
Parkes Benjamin & Sons, iron founders & whitesmiths, Woodsetton iron works
Palmer Joseph, carpenter
Pickrell George Wm.tailor, Swan village
Piper William, iron founders' blacking manufacturer, Fox yards
Plant George, Fox Yards P.H
Pool John, saddler, Swan village
Price William, hosier, Swan village
Reeds Joseph, pork butchr.Swan village
Roberts William, draper, Swan village
Simmons J. turncock to the South Staffordshire Water Works Co.32 Swan village
Tomlinson William, Prince of Wales P.H.
Turley Arthur, Brook inn P.H.
Turley Moses,joinr.&shpkpr.Swan villge I
Walton Richard, beer ret. Swan village
Whitehouse Emanuel, beer retailer, Swan village
Whitehouse Hy.beer retailr. Swan village
Wilkinson George G. & Co. fire brickmakers, Fox yards
Woodhall Joseph, shopkpr. Swan village



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