Coppice Baptist Chapel

Extracted from William White's "History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Staffordshire" published in 1851

With many thanks to Sue Challenger

The origins of the congregation go back to the end of the eighteenth century when the congregation met at a house in Bond Street, Coppice, a hamlet in the parish of Sedgley. At this time, their Minister was a Mr. Darbyshire, an Independent.

However, a number of members felt convinced they should be baptised and after undergoing their service at the hands of a Mr. Edwards of Birmingham, were joined to his church. In a minute dated 24th June 1792 is recorded: "We whose names are hereunto subscribed, have in the presence of God, angels, men and devils, joined ourselves in Chritian fellowship as a branch springing from the Baptist Chapel, Bond Street, Birmingham. Warwickshire"

In 1797, a Mr. Mason from the Brettell Lane Baptist Church in Brierley Hill became their minister. They initially worshipped in a house and this becoming too small a chapel was built in 1804.

The Chapel was registered for the dissenting worship by Benjamin Mason on the 22 May 1805. The witnesses were William Allen, Jos Willetts, William Mills, James Allen, Richard Caddick, George Parsons and John Marsh.

Two registers were surrended to the Registrar General. The First. RG4 1868, records the date of birth and the date of the public naming. The entries cover the period 1794 to 1818. The entries are listed in alphabetical order of the first letter of the surname, then in roughly chronological order. Most of the initial namings were by Mr.B.Mason. It is noted that all of the people witnessing the registration request for dissenting worship, with the exception of William Allen, had children recorded in this first register. Mr Mason signed most of the entries up to 1814 whilst Mr William Bridge signed the later ones.

The second Register, PRO reference RG4 2719, is a continuation of the births, although the register is headed "Coppins Baptist Chapel Coseley". The earliest birth recorded in this volume is 1818. The entries are not strictly chronological indicating no doubt that they were entered at the time of naming. Many of the families bridge the two registers. The start of a new page in the register is indicated in this transcript by a short line between entries.

It is noted that William Bridge registered a house at Batman's Hill, Sedgley, on the 6th May 1823 for the use of Baptists. James Turner was given as the occupier.

Names on this Register of Births and Namings 1794-1818 , include:

Allen, Astley, Arnold, Aston, Baker, Barker, Bayliss, Burn, Bradley, Beten, Brisco(e), Blamer, Baugh, Beven, Baylis, Basset, Beardsmore, Bridge, Brighton, Blewit, , Caddick, Casswell, Clarke, Cambridge, Carter, Craft, Cox, Crowder, Crowther, Colley, Corfell, Cumpson, Coper, Cooper, Davis, Dudley, Devonport, Dawley, Epher, Edwards, Elwell, Evans, Fisher, Fenn, Fletcher, Fraunter, Follas, Fellows, Fones, Gibbons, Grainger, Gamble, Griffiths, George, Hampton, Harris, Hunt, Harrison, Hand, Holmes, Hankcox, Harper, Hill, Hale, Jib, Jibb, Innley, Jackson, Jones, Jordan, Jevon, Jeavons, Jeavonson, Jodan, Ledbeater, Leedhouse, Lowe, Late, Latham, Millington, Mason, Marsh, Mills, Mozley, Millward, Mole, Millert, Manlove, Morgan, Mills, Nickols, Nicholds, Nailor, Naylor, Odeneal, Owen, Oakley, Parkes, Parson, Penrose, Pen, Penn, Penrose, Porter, Price, Preece, Peircen, Pemberton, Round, Richards, Roper, Richardson, Smallman, Stephenson, Stephens, Stokes, Standley, Share, Shane, Shorthouse, Taylor, Turley, Thompston, Terrey, Turner, Willets, Webb, Watson, Walters, Whitehouse, Wilkes, Wise, Ward, Warall, Wild, Wones, Weaver, Wankling, Wright, Wones, Williams, York.

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