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Sedgley locations on Google Earth

Many thanks to Christine Buckley of Sedgley for this idea

For those of you who don't know about Google Earth it's a satellite imagery viewing program that lets you zoom into virtually anywhere in the world though the quality of image varies from place to place.

It's available from Google Earth and best of all it's FREE! The program is approximately 11 Mbytes in size and to really be able to appreciate the program you need a Broadband Internet connection.

I've listed a few of the places of interest in the Sedgley Parish (and a little further afield) if you would like any others added please let me know at Webmaster

To view these locations in Google Earth, save the file listed below to your hard drive and then either double click on it or do a 'File/Open' from Google Earth.

Click here to download

Currently the file contains the following locations:



All Saints Parish Church
St Chad's Catholic Church
St Mary's Church (Hurst Hill)
Coppice Baptist Chapel (Hurst Hill)


Parkes Hall, Woodsetton (site of)
Sedgley Bull Ring (Village centre)
Sedgley Beacon Tower
Baggeridge Colliery (site of)
Gospel End Village
Cotwall End



St Chad's Church
Providence Baptist Chapel


Fullwoods End

The Gornals


St Peter's Church
Ruiton Chapel
Zoar Methodist Chapel
St James the Great Church


Ruiton Windmill
Pig on the Wall Pub (now demolished)



St Thomas' Church, Dudley (Top Church)


Dudley Castle & Zoo
Himley Hall
Crooked House Pub
Wren's Nest Hill
Dudley Workhouse (site of)

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